Fashion Design Adjustable Wrench Spanner High Quality

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material: carbon steel Model .No.: 601104 size: 4

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high quality adjustable wrench spanner  



1. Material: chrome-vanadium or carbon steel

2. Type: 4",6",8",10",12",15",18",24"

4. MOQ: 1pcs.

5. Sample: contact with our service people for the sample.

6. OEM: Accepted.

7. Production capacity: 10000pcs per month.

8. Payment terms:  T/T, L/c



Please check with our  service person if you need samples.


Advantage and Innovation:

1.material: chrome-vanadium or carbon steel  

2.Comfortable design


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Fashion Design Adjustable Wrench Spanner High Quality

Fashion Design Adjustable Wrench Spanner High Quality

Fashion Design Adjustable Wrench Spanner High Quality


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Q:What should be paid attention to during the operation of the movable spanner?
When using a live wrench to pull a large nut, you must use a stronger torque, and preferably a hand near the end of the handle
Q:What's the inside of the six socket spanner for?
But in fact, there is often a space limit, the wrench can not keep a straight line with the six corners of the screw, this time, the six angle ball head can be put into use!
Q:How can the heat treatment process be formulated?
45 steel quenched after high temperature tempering, heating temperature is usually 560~600 degrees, hardness requirements of HRC22~34. Because the purpose of quenching and tempering is to obtain comprehensive mechanical properties, so the hardness range is relatively wide. But the drawings have hardness requirements, it is necessary to adjust the tempering temperature according to the requirements of the drawings to ensure hardness. If some shaft parts require high strength, hardness requirements are high; and some gear, with keyway of shaft parts, due to hardening and tempering, but also for milling, insert processing, hardness requirements are lower. On the tempering time, apparent hardness requirements and the workpiece dimensions, we believe that the tempering hardness depends on the tempering temperature and tempering time, little relationship, but must return through general workpiece tempering time for more than an hour.
Q:Volkswagen Polo wrench and suggest how to remove oil?
Volkswagen Polo appeared wrench and appeared oil, this is prompted that the car should be maintained, as soon as possible to the store maintenance, maintenance.
Q:What's wrong with a rechargeable wrench without strength?
The power wrench may be due to: 1, motor damage; 2: the battery is dead.Electric wrench is mainly used in the steel structure installation industry, specially installed steel structure high-strength bolt, high strength bolt is used to connect the steel structure contact, usually with bolt group way
Q:Special electric wrench timberman what brand is best?
A lot of scaffold industry are all in the area of fees, do take much efficiency is money!
Q:How to choose torque wrench precision?
There is also a way to calculate the CP value, the CP value is greater than 1.33, in the vicinity of 1.66 best.
Q:What's the torque of the 1/2 ratchet wrench?
Usually, the 1/4,3/8,1/2 refers to the length of the square interface on the wrench, 1/4 stands for the square head, the dimension is 6.3MM, 3/8 stands for 9.5MM, and 1/2 stands for 12.5MM. Mainly depends on the torque value to choose the wrench.1/4 boats pull, especially suitable for small size 14MM elastic nut sleeve.3/8 "in the" pull ", suitable for matching within 24MM sleeve.1/2 "big torque wrench, relatively large, suitable for collocation within 32MM working sleeve.
Q:What do you mean by a wrench icon in the dashboard of Chery?
It is maintenance of lights, is to remind you to do the maintenance, if you have no time to maintain, can not control him, for you do not affect the normal traffic, the next time the maintenance to the maintenance personnel to help you eliminate it.
Q:How to quickly identify the elastic direction of the screw?! And recognize the size of the wrench.
M8 is to use 14 wrenches, generally 13 of the wrench is not commonly used in metric bolt. For standard bolts. In the wrench, is the nominal diameter of bolt with its size in half, such as.20 M20 wrench choose 30 + 2 / 20 = 30, but this is not absolute to M10 will use 17 instead of 15. Around in that range. As long as the metric to remember the opening size of the spanner, with bolt and nut type, it is easier to think of what the wrench.

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