Cross Wrench Tires Tire Wrench Socket Lug Cross Wrench 17-19-21-23mm

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Product Description:

Product Name: Multi-functional Cross Wrench

Colour: Sliver

Material: Carbon Steel

OEM: Yes

Mode  Number: 072673

Standard: GB

Product packaging size: 44*8.5*5CM

wight: 1.84KG

Minimum order quantity: 2 Pieces

USD price: 12.5

Cross Wrench Tires Tire Wrench Socket Lug Cross Wrench 17-19-21-23mm

Cross Wrench Tires Tire Wrench Socket Lug Cross Wrench 17-19-21-23mm

Cross Wrench Tires Tire Wrench Socket Lug Cross Wrench 17-19-21-23mm

Cross Wrench Tires Tire Wrench Socket Lug Cross Wrench 17-19-21-23mm

Cross Wrench Tires Tire Wrench Socket Lug Cross Wrench 17-19-21-23mm

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Q:The difference between a ratchet wrench and a torque wrench
Because a plum blossom sleeve has two specifications of plum shaped through holes, the utility model can be used for the tightness of the screws of two specifications, thereby enlarging the range of use, and saving the cost of raw materials and working hours. The wrench can easily adjust the angle of the wrench. The wrench is used for the tightness operation of screws, and has the advantages of strong applicability, convenient use and low cost.
Q:How to select the type of pneumatic wrench?
Pneumatic wrench is widely used in many industries, such as automotive repair, heavy equipment maintenance, product assembly (usually called "pulse tool" and designed for precise torque output), major construction projects, installation of steel wire Lo sets, and high torque output in any other part of the need.
Q:What type of bolt is usually used with a 24 wrench? What's the regulation?
A wrench is a common tool for mounting and dismounting. A manually operated tool for screwing bolts, screws, nuts, and other threads to secure the opening or sleeve of a bolt or nut. An opening or a sleeve hole of a clamping bolt or a nut is usually arranged at one end or both ends of the handle part, and the screw bolt or nut can be screwed when an external force is applied to the handle in the direction of rotation of the thread
Q:How many kilograms does it take to tighten the M20 high strength bolt?
The construction of high strength bolts must first end tight tight, tight bolts with early impact type electric wrench or adjustable torque electric wrench; and the end of the tight bolts have strict requirements, the final tightening of torshear type high strength bolt must use torshear type electric wrench, final tightening torque type high strength bolt must use torque type electric wrench.
Q:What's the effect of a wrench in life?
Adjustable wrench: the opening width can be adjusted in a certain size range, and screws or nuts with different specifications can be screwed. The structure characteristics of the wrench is made with fine tooth fixed jaw pliers flat concave; the movable jaw is made of flat jaw; the other end is concave with jaw serrations; pressed down the worm, the movable jaw can be quickly removed, replace the jaw position.
Q:What material is the best inside six corner wrench?
S2 material wrench hardness is highest.
Q:What do you mean by the 6.3mm and 10mm series of socket wrenches?
The width of the opposite side of the screw cap
Q:How to disassemble a wrench faucet?
The tap wrench with a lid, the lid off, there is a cross nut, using cross screwdriver to unscrew, (or a nut, with a slotted screwdriver to unscrew the faucet) wrench can take up, there is a valve with adjustable wrench loosen, so removing bad not much; non professional advice who is best not to remove, lest it will Water Leakage;
Q:What should be paid attention to during the operation of the movable spanner?
When using the live spanner nut is relatively small, does not need too much torque, but because the nut is too small and prone to slipping, so it is best to hold hands near the head office in live wrench, when adjusting worm gear more convenient, and can tighten the adjustable wrench lip to avoid slipping.
Q:How big is the triangle spanner on the street light?
8mm corresponds to the screw 10mm of M6-M8, corresponding to the screw M8-M10 of 12mm, corresponding to the screw of M10

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