Double Flexible Socket Wrench Carbon Steel Wrench Hand Tools

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Double Flexible Socket Wrench Carbon Steel Wrench Hand Tools


Material:40cr,50BV30,45#Carbon steel

Finish:  mirror polish ,sand blasting,matt

SIZE: 8*9.8*10.10*11.10*12.12*13.12*14.14*15.14*17.16*17.17*19.18*19.20*22

Packing:AS your request

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Q:Does the car show a small wrench? Is it the indication of maintenance? How to make it disappear?
There is no indication of maintenance on the instrument panel. A wrench like condition indicates that the car is out of order and not in need of maintenance.There are many reasons for the trouble:Unreasonable operations will prompt;Mechanical failure in the form process;More because of random problems, in general, do not pay special attention to, if you care about, you can go to overhaul.
Q:What occasions can plum blossom and permanent spanner be applied to?
The plum blossom plate hand arm is longer, more effort. The utility model can be used for occasions with small swinging angle.Because of opening, the wrench (open spanner) is more convenient to operate.
Q:FAW Pentium X80 has a wrench symbol what does it mean?
Car maintenance is the designated period of inspection of the relevant parts of the car, cleaning, supply, lubrication, adjustment or replacement of certain parts of the preventive work, also known as car maintenance. Modern automotive maintenance mainly covers the maintenance of engine systems (engines), transmission systems, air conditioning systems, cooling systems, fuel systems, power steering systems, etc.. Car maintenance to keep the vehicle clean, technical condition is normal, eliminate hidden dangers and prevent faults, slow down the deterioration process, prolong the service cycle.
Q:How much torque do you need to use the 36 screw on the torque wrench?
High strength bolts emphasize pretension, and it is necessary to know the pretension and torque coefficients in order to know the torque.
Q:What are the two purpose wrenches?
It is the necessary tool for equipment installation, equipment and equipment overhaul and maintenance work. The dual-purpose wrench is divided into two kinds: metric and english. Dual wrench material: Double wrench using No. 45 medium carbon steel or 40Cr alloy steel whole forging processing.
Q:Is the inner six angle spanner bent with six angles carbon steel?
Most of our factory is using their own six angle wrench, material 45 steel, round bar material, milling six sides, bending quenching HRC45 - 50, very easy to use. Later to buy a set of outside market, bluing nicely, you encounter a situation I have encountered, but if I buy good quenching as well, of course, also have the opposite, overquenching, easy to break. Now the domestic market to buy things to dragons and fishes jumbled together, have some experience, buy six square wrench, with a small file, and a slip, hardness enough to be moved, and the hardness is not enough, do not buy.
Q:How can the heat treatment process be formulated?
45 steel quenching temperature at A3+ (30~50) DEG C, in practical operation, usually take the upper limit. High quenching temperature can accelerate the workpiece heating, reduce the surface oxidation, and improve the work efficiency. Adequate homogenization time is required for the homogenization of austenite in the workpiece. If the actual amount of furnace installed is large, it is necessary to extend the insulation time properly. Otherwise, there might be a lack of hardness due to uneven heating. However, when the holding time is too long, the defects of coarse grain and serious decarburization of oxidation and decarburization will also be affected, which will affect the quality of quenching. We believe that if the amount of furnace is larger than the process documents, the heating and insulation time should be extended by 1/5.
Q:What does "200*24" mean on the spanner?
The utility model is also called a live wrench, and is a tool for screwing or loosening an angle screw or nut. Electrician commonly used 200, 250, three 300mm, the use should be based on the size of the nut matching.
Q:Screwdriver and "wrench" is the same tool?
The screw driver is divided into a traditional screw driver (Screwdriver) and a ratchet screwdriver (an electric screwdriver) (Ratchet screwdriver). A traditional screwdriver consists of a plastic handle and an iron bar that locks the screws. The ratchet screwdriver is made of a plastic handle and a ratchet mechanism. The latter allows the iron bar of the lock screw to be idle clockwise or anticlockwise, and the efficiency of the lock screw can be improved by the function of the idle running, and the power driver (hand) needs not to be changed back to the original position successively.
Q:TOHNICHI torque wrench, where to introduce the use of it?
Check calibration a torque wrench using Nitto million times or a year, in order to ensure its accuracy.Japan, torque wrench warranty period for 180 days. Misuse, abuse, excessive use and collision are not within the scope of use.

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