High quality 12.5mm quick-release ratchet

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Size: 10"(250mm) handle: rubber handle

Product Description:

High quality 12.5mm quick-release ratchet

1. Model No:971210

2. Handle:rubber handle

3. Size:10"(250mm)

4.Color:green & black handle



1. Customer have to bear samples charge and courier cost.

2. Samples time: please check with service person if you need samples.


Advantage and Innovation:

1.Comfortable molded handles with soft, non-slip grips

2. Heavy duty

3.Lock-on, push-button, quick-release drive tangs prevent dropped sockets

Package and size:


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High quality 12.5mm quick-release ratchet

High quality 12.5mm quick-release ratchet

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Q:What's the difference between a socket wrench and a wrench we usually use?
The difference between movable wrench and wrench is with the mouth with wire cutter, is movable; a socket wrench with the mouth and the handle are separated, and with a handle is provided with a plurality of specifications.
Q:The reset machine's wrench is missing
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Q:What does a wrench on a dashboard display mean?
The indicator light of a small wrench in the instrument is a "maintenance indicator", which is to remind the driver to maintain the vehicle after it has traveled a certain mileage.
Q:How many types of torque wrenches are there? How do you distinguish them?
Then the manual torque wrench, in the current Chinese, or more commonly used, I use this brand a strong SVETRUCK (I learned today, I doubt today is also a similar problem), they are: preset type torque wrench, digital type torque wrench, torque dial wrench, constant torque wrench these categories.
Q:Torque wrenches, 72 teeth and 45 teeth, which one has greater torque?
The torque is the same. The number of teeth you say should refer to the number of teeth on the ratchet of the wrench head. 72 and 45 do not affect the torque value
Q:What is the torque wrench? What's it for? How do you use it?
It's a torque wrenchTorque wrench from the way to produce "click alarm" wrench, the use of the method is to adjust the wrench to the torque you need, with the wrench lock bolt, when the torque reached the value will be issued click sound. The bolts should be loosened immediately so as not to be twisted.
Q:Working principle of hydraulic pulse wrench
An oil hydraulic wrench, as the name suggests, is an impact wrench that uses hydraulic oil to drive a blow shaft to produce torque.
Q:What's the manual wrench?
surface treatment1. bright chrome: bright as mirror surface;2. chrome: matte;3. electrophoresis: black, with brightness, in the role of additional DC, so that the charged particles in the scattered medium force to the cathode or anode directional movement, to promote the separation of substances;4. phosphating: black, but shiny dark, the substance immersed in phosphating solution, deposited in the surface of the formation of insoluble phosphate in water, is the process of conversion of hydrochloric acid.5. ash nickel: is a new surface treatment method, rust resistance is strong, and will increase the service life of the product.There are 6. other black, nickel iron alloy, pearl nickel, black nickel and titanium processing etc..
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1. Empirical formula for calculating standard bolt nut size (wrench size) (in fractional form):Standard bolt nut size (wrench size) = (bolt thread size x 3 / (molecular) bolt thread size molecular * 2)For example: wrench size = standard bolt thread corresponding to 1/2 inches (1 x 3) / (2 x 2 inches =3/4 inches)2. The empirical formula for calculating the size of the bolt and nut (wrench size) (in the form of fractions):Dimension of bolt (size of wrench) = standard bolt nut size 1/8For example: wrench size = 1/2 inch bolt corresponding increase thread (1 x 3) / (2 x 2 inches 1/8=7/8 inches)Below are a list of the small number of bolts corresponding to wrenches, so please use them. Bolt threadDimensions; bolts; nuts; dimensions (spanners); weighting; bolts; nuts; dimensions (spanners); six angles; bolts; threads
Q:What problems do sleeve wrenches use?
The socket wrench is used for detecting the tightening torque value of the steel connecting sleeve and the connecting wire head of the steel bar.Steel joint sleeve torque wrench applicable range: This product applies to the diameter of 12- 40MM mm rebar connection, tightening torque test.Steel connecting sleeve torque wrench technical indicator: indication duty error / indication repetition error is less than or equal to 0.5%.Torque wrench for steel connecting sleeve specification: wrench arm arm length 600mm. Torque value setting range 70~370N.M.

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