Office Scissors Stainless Steel Office Stationery Scissors

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Product Description:

Office Scissors Stainless Steel Office Stationery Scissors

Product Description:

Nail Scissors

The sharp, curved blades follow the shape of your nails to give your edges a smooth finish.

Cuticle Scissors

The pointed tip makes it easy to trim any overgrown cuticles.

Nose Hair Scissors

With rounded tips to avoid nicking and cutting the delicate skin on the inside of the nostrils. It’s suitable for trimming nose hairs.

Nail Nippers

For men, elder or someone who has ringworm of nails to use. The sharp, curved blades follow the shape of your nails to trim.

Cuticle Nippers

To cleanly remove the softened cuticles in both the corners and curves of the nail bed.

Nail Clippers

To keep cutting edges sharp and rust-free.

Nail Clipper With Magnifier

Cutting the nail is a difficult work for the poor vision people. It is extremely convenient for them after the nail clippers with magnifying glass appear. The nail clipper is with a 2x magnifying glass and the magnifying angle can be adjusted up or down. It's a good helper for the poor vision people. We enlarged the body and increased a catcher for the nail clipper with magnifying class, even the people are with slightly bad eyesight and trembling, but also can use it easily. After cutting, the nail will falling into the catcher automatically and it can be directly poured when you do the cleaning. The catcher bottom is with nail file, it's convenient to trim it after cutting.

Nail Files

After trimmed nails, you can use it to gently grind down and shape the edges of nails.


Use to pluck hair from the face or eyebrows.

Cuticle Trimmer

With a sharp razor at the end that is used to trim off dead skin at the cuticles or to cut off hangnails.

Cuticle Pusher

It pushes the skin from your cuticles back and away from your nails to help your nails grow stronger.

Ear Cleaner

Use to clean the ear canal of earwax.

Office Scissors Stainless Steel Office Stationery Scissors

Office Scissors Stainless Steel Office Stationery Scissors


Suggest you to put your hand in warm water for 3 to 5 minutes before you use it. This step makes it easy to trim the nails and cuticles.


Steps of trimming


Trim Finger or Toe Nails

(with nail scissors, nail clippers or nail nippers)


Trim Cuticles

(with cuticle scissors, cuticle trimmers, cuticle nippers)


Shape Nails

(with cuticle pusher or nail files)



Product Care:


l  Do not sharp scissors, in case of damage.

l  Do not drop on the ground, in case of damage.

l  Due to personal hygiene, it should be exclusive.

l  Do not put it under the sun or in moist place.

l  Keep away from the baby, in case of getting hurts.

l  Clean it after used, can extended products life.

Office Scissors Stainless Steel Office Stationery Scissors

Office Scissors Stainless Steel Office Stationery Scissors


Office Scissors Stainless Steel Office Stationery Scissors

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Q:Why do you use scissors to cut your nails? Why do you cut them with nails instead of cutting them?
Under the action of such external force, the deformation characteristics of the member are that the cross section of the two force is the boundary line, and the two part of the member is relatively deformed along the plane. This deformation form of a component is called shear, and its cross section is a shear plane.
Q:How to store medical scissors and forceps?
With the Buddha Dharma to disinfect, general disinfectant has seven days change, fourteen days change, depends on the specific varieties.
Q:The historical and artistic value of paper cutting
The history of Chinese traditional culture of paper-cut art has its own formation and development process. As early as in the spring and Autumn period, people through carving techniques in sheet materials crafts, which is popular in the paper appeared before, although not paper making, but it is exactly the same, this is the true meaning of the paper-cut base. It is said that the earliest paper-cut works in our country can be proved for this purpose.
Q:Method for making paper-cut of Chinese traditional culture
First, take the lantern paper cutting DIY tutorial as an example to demonstrate.Fold the colored paper in half and cut off the half of the lantern by the side. Think about what you'll cut off with the open cut. Oh, it's the lantern that's broken on both sides.
Q:Can you cut your nails for the dog?
Sometimes, carefully cut, or it may accidentally cut blood vessels, and bleeding situation. At this time, just calm and calm blood stop, not only can reduce the dog more blood flow, but also in the shortest possible time to reduce the pain.
Q:Want to ask, eyebrow blade, scissors (shear pins, eyes Peter scissors) can be checked?
Hello, in fact, said the consignment is Huyou peopleScientifically speaking, using these things can improve people's valuesYan values improved, self-confidence, self-confidence, luck will come naturallyThis is a scientific statement, in the final analysis, self-confidence to make themselves more outstanding
Q:How do you control the direction of hair after cutting?
One length. two words. To explain in Chinese is a sentence, One is one of the numbers, length is the length, this is the 0 degree of natural fall to the outside line. An outside line is a surface.VS uses three-dimensional geometry to design hair styles. The geometric composition is frank, square, round, and triangular. Solid geometry refers to the upper, lower, left, right, and outer lines. A square, a circle, a triangle, a surface in which the hair is formed in the air.
Q:What is shear resistance, stress?
When the object is deformed by force, the deformation of the points in the body is generally not the same. The amount of mechanical force used to describe the extent of deformation at a point is the strain at that point. To this end, it is possible to move to a cell at that point and compare the size and shape of the element before and after deformation.
Q:Grinding scissors how to sharpening only sharp, grinding slope is a little better?
As a pair of scissors, it is better to wear a smaller slope (i.e., a larger angle), so that the blade is thicker, harder and more durable.
Q:How do you describe paper cutting?
Folk paper-cut is a cut out on paper painting, paper-cut, also known as the "flower" and "window". Design based on more characters, animal, scene, festive celebrations, folk opera, story, a bumper grain harvest, both beautiful and interesting. People will cut a good logo affixed to the door, wall, window, room and pillar, mirrors, lamps and lanterns, to express their joy and life experience, to show auspicious.

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