C-Type Pliers C-Clamp Locking Wood Clamping Welding Vise Tools Pliers with Swivel Pads Pliers

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C-Type Pliers C-Clamp Locking Wood Clamping Welding Vise Tools Pliers with Swivel Pads Pliers

C-Type Pliers C-Clamp Locking Wood Clamping Welding Vise Tools Pliers with Swivel Pads Pliers

C-Type Pliers C-Clamp Locking Wood Clamping Welding Vise Tools Pliers with Swivel Pads Pliers

C-Type Pliers C-Clamp Locking Wood Clamping Welding Vise Tools Pliers with Swivel Pads Pliers

C-Type Pliers C-Clamp Locking Wood Clamping Welding Vise Tools Pliers with Swivel Pads Pliers

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Q:Does the elevator speed limiter operate first electrically or mechanically?
The utility model can monitor and control the speed of the car at any time, and when the super speed situation occurs, that is, when the speed of the elevator is 115%, the signal can be sent out in time, and then mechanical action is generated to cut off the power supply circuit, so that the traction machine is braking. If the elevator is still unable to brake, the safety tongs at the bottom of the car will force the car to stop. The governor is the instruction sender, and the safety clamp is the executor. The combination of the two appeared the theory of "safe elevator".
Q:What is the working principle of hydraulic steel Tong?
The hydraulic clamp is reinforced by hydraulic mechanism has great driving force, coupled with the principle of saving lever made together produce a larger shear cutter, cut steel.
Q:How to use the pressure line pliers, which one is broken behind, which is peeling, which is the head of the pressure ah?
The first edge of the line clamp is used to peel, and there should be a gap of about 1.5 millimeters when the pliers are closed. The second one is used to cut, there is not a little space. The middle convex character shape space is used for pressing the plug, a crystal head in, look at the 8 teeth is not just on copper, don't beat, or a crystal head to be scrapped.In the process of making the network cable, line clamp is one of the indispensable tools, and it is also a great hero to ensure the smooth flow of the network. The crimping tool not only for pressing cable, it can be used to complete the cutting, stripping and pressing task three.Pay attention to the line when each line to the front of the crystal head, the cable skin is best to enter the crystal head, two to three centimeters, the purpose is to prevent wire loss, increase the contact surface. The eight lines do not need to be skinned and pressed. The copper in the crystal head is embedded into the wire and is in contact with the copper wire.
Q:The line clamp doesn't tight the crystal head. Just change it. How do you fix the broken line clamp?
The general assembly can only clamp blade is replaced, if there are eight pressure copper teeth askew, throw it, crush it to the retirement age. But you can also try the crystal head in the opposite direction inside the alignment forceps to insert the few pieces of copper again try to be successful.
Q:Crystal head line clamp, how can not press down a few down?
Maybe there's something wrong with the line clamp. A common clamp only blade is a replaceable component
Q:How can the elevator speed limiter and the safety tongs be linked together?
Elevator speed limiter, safety gear test is an important test of elevator acceptance inspection and regular inspection shall be required, the car uniform layout of the corresponding load in the engine room human action speed limiter, control elevator to flat layer or the maintenance of speed running down, the speed limiter of electric switch action. Then, short speed limiter and safety clamp, electrical switch, brake the speed limiter steel rope, then lift the safety tongs device, clamp the guide rail, and stop the car.
Q:Why is not available at the same time around the two wire clamp ammeters
[three-phase balanced line (e.g. motor circuit)]: clamp ammeters and grabbed the two wires, the current measurement shows the number of wires is another value!
Q:So many varieties of pliers, where to buy the most complete?
A lot of jaws in the form of a common flat flat mouth, mouth, nose, mouth, mouth bent round style, can meet the needs of different shapes on the workpiece. According to the main function and the nature of the use, the pliers can be divided into clamping pliers, pliers, stripping pliers, pipe pliers etc..
Q:Clamp voltmeter principle
When the current passes through, the current flows along the spring and the rotating shaft through the magnetic field, and the current cuts the magnetic induction line, so that the coil is deflected by the force of the magnetic field, and the rotating shaft and the pointer are deflected. Since the magnitude of the magnetic force increases with the current, the magnitude of the current can be observed by the deflection of the pointer.
Q:What is voltage clamp and patch clamp? Brief description of its principle and Application
Erwin Nell (Erwin Neher) and Bert (Bert Sakinann). Sackmann developed based on patch clamp voltage clamp (patch clamp) technology, the cell membrane by the larger microelectrode and neurons closely contact, a high impedance sealing area is formed between the two. As a result, the microelectrode enters the cell with a low impedance electrical resistivity (right). The patch clamp can not only observe the single ion channel currents, and there are a variety of models can be easily carried out on cell voltage clamp and current clamp, observation of ion currents and its regulation, and combined with the molecular structure and function of ion channels and receptors and molecular biology technology, widely used in neurobiology, physiology, pharmacology and other fields. They received the Nobel prize in physiology for medicine in 1991.

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