Heavy Duty Pipe Plier Geartech Pipe Wrench

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100000000 pc/month
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Heavy Duty Pipe Plier Geartech Pipe Wrench

Heavy Duty Pipe Plier Geartech Pipe Wrench

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Q:How to use the pressure line pliers, which one is broken behind, which is peeling, which is the head of the pressure ah?
The crimping tool consists of three head and two wire mouth, finally there is a shear line with scissors. The pressure head has 8p, 6p, 4P points, 8P is used for pressure cables, 6P is pressed telephone lines, and 4P is used for pressing telephone receiver wires.
Q:The novice asks for help. How does the pliers pinch the current?
After normal operation, the line current is 3 times the square root of the current phase. But you always measure the line current.
Q:What is the output current of the inverter to be measured? Why not use the current clamp meter?
This is determined by the output characteristics of the inverter.The output waveform of the inverter is determined by its modulation mode and switching frequency.
Q:Which brand of nail clippers is good? Nail clippers ten brands
I think Vivtorinox is good. Maybe I'm more superstitious about his family's knives, so I feel good.
Q:When the voltage clamp is used, what is the electrode instability of the current measurement?
Before measuring, should first check whether intact core rubber insulated clamp. The jaw should be clean and free of rust, and there is no obvious gap after closure.
Q:How to do the safety tongs experiment
1. whether the speed limiter rotates is flexible and the clamping block action is reliable.2. whether the electric safety switch of the speed limiter works or not should be ahead of the mechanism.3. the electric safety switch of the safety clamp is simultaneously operated with the clamp block of the safety clamp.4. whether the rotating pull rod is flexible or not jammed.5. car running up, the safety tongs block can automatically fall off.6. is the slope of the car less than 5%?.7. whether the connecting part of the speed limit rope is reliable and whether the U card is loose or not.8. the gap between the clamp block and the rail shall be adjusted evenly after the restoration.
Q:What is the automatic stripping pliers
The definition of use: automatic stripping pliers for electrician inside, motor repair, electrical instrumentation is one of the common tools. Used for electrical stripping of the surface insulation of the head of a wire.
Q:What are the differences between wire clippers and wire clippers?
Can make RJ45 network wire connector. RJ11 telephone line connector, 4P telephone line connector. Integrated cable clamp all functions, can facilitate the cutting, creasing, stripping operation. It is made of iron and is suitable for RJ45, RJ11 type wire netting. It is hardened and dyed black. It is light and strong in shape. Is your network to install high-quality network necessary tools. The following is a cable clamp.
Q:How to use a measurement of three phase current
The three-phase current needs to be detected by one phase and one phase. After all, there is a phenomenon of unbalanced three-phase current.
Q:Can you bring a train with an old vise or something like that?
No, these are control instruments and are unable to take the train. Better not take the advice.

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