Heavy Duty Pipe Plier Geartech Pipe Wrench

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Heavy Duty Pipe Plier Geartech Pipe Wrench

Heavy Duty Pipe Plier Geartech Pipe Wrench

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Q:Can you use the same kind of pliers for making wire and telephone lines?
The telephone head and the wire head are two kinds of jointsThe phone is RJ11 crystal head, there are 4 core. The phone line has only two lines, inserted in the middle of the RJ11 phone head, two core, the head on both sides can be made as the same;
Q:How to use the pressure line pliers, which one is broken behind, which is peeling, which is the head of the pressure ah?
Half round wire stripping opening port of peace, half round is peeling lines, strip length should be from about 13MM fracture. A flat is a telephone line. Break away from about 8MM strip length. The last pair of scissors, of course, is for cutting lines, and the telephone lines can be cut as well as the net!
Q:If there is no wire pliers, how should I get the crystal head?
The crystal head square on the table, put a small screwdriver or a flat hacksaw. The head of the copper tin crystal alignment, must pay attention to the founder, don't put up with a hammer blade steel hammer gently, not too much force, because of the bad hammer.
Q:What's the use of car calipers?
The working principle of the disc brake can be described by a plate. When the rotating plate is held with thumb and forefinger, the plate will stop rotating, and the thumb and forefinger play the role of the brake caliper.
Q:What do you mean by the car's brake caliper?
Ventilated disc brake is set aside a gap between two pieces of brake disc, the gas flow passes through in the space, some ventilated disc also drill out many circular vent on disk, or the disk is in the cut out of the tank ventilation or precast rectangle hole. The ventilated disc brake uses the airflow function, its cold heat effect is better than the ordinary disc brake. The main advantage of disc brakes is that they can be braked quickly at high speeds. The heat dissipation is better than the drum brakes. The braking performance is constant, and it is easy to install advanced electronic equipment such as the ABS.
Q:How do you measure current with a caliper meter?
Measurement methods: firstly, the jaw clamp ammeters clean (to ensure full, jaw anastomosis) and then estimate the current measured wire, the clamp ammeters stalls to proper position (if you do not know the measured current, the current position is adjusted in sequence from large to small, every adjustment must be table from the measured wire), then measured a wire into the ring opening on ammeter, current at the table shows that the measured conductor, in measure second and third respectively. At the same time as the two into the ring clamp meter, ammeter display is the current third wire. The three are placed in the table at the same value as zero (according to Gil Hof's law, flowing in or out).
Q:Can you use an old vise to cut an electric 220V wire?
Check the quality of a wire wrench, mainly from the following aspects:(1) grip grip handle, facing the light, cutting edge shall not be transparent, otherwise it is not qualified, the gap shall not be greater than 0.3MM;(2) the angle of the pliers shall not be less than 22 degrees;(3) there is no blocking phenomenon in the cheek, and it can shear the hard steel wire of 1.6MM;(4) the tail rubber sleeve can not be obviously loosened;(5) surface plating layer can not be marked.
Q:Pen, pliers and ordinary multimeter difference
In order to facilitate the use of the table there are different ranges of switching switches for measuring different levels of current and voltage measurement function.The first is through the clamp meter is used to measure the AC current, but now the multimeter has some functions of it, can measure AC and DC voltage, current, capacitance, diode, transistor, resistor, temperature, frequency and so on.
Q:Wire clamp and clamp what role
Wire cutters are used for clamping or bending thin, cylindrical metal parts and cutting wires. The side edges of the wire cutters can also be used for cutting thin metal wires. Note: the use of pliers pliers used to do, can not use overload.
Q:Could you tell me how to use the caliper?
Clamp current meter has two kinds, one can only measure the AC current, capable of measuring AC and DC current, mainly used to measure the line current, other auxiliary functions can measure resistance, voltage etc..

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