MILLING TOOTH WIRE STRIPPER HAND TOOLS 704 with Material is 50 carbon steel

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Item specifice:

Light stripping: Comfortable handle Whole heat treatment: Precision grinding

Product Description:









 Key specification:

1.cut any cleanly strips electrical wire from 10 to 22 gauge

Insert tip of wire into marked holes to determine the size of the wire to be stripped 

Squeeze the handle to strip easily and without nicking the wire

2.crimps both insulated and non-insulated ignition terminals

3.tool has black oxide finish for rust resistance

4.Vinyl clad cushion grip handles insulate as well as provide comfort of use



Using the method of the wire stripping pliers

All by hand if the wire stripping pliers groove is then a simple select wire size cut a pull on the line. If and oblique mouth clamp like it by hand, clip to a certain strength, a pull on the line.



Key points:

 according to the diameter of the wire, the wire stripper blade aperture


1.According to the thickness of the cable type, select the corresponding stripping knife

2.The cable will be ready in the middle stripping tool blade, to choose a good length of wire stripping

3.Hold the stripping tool handle, cable clip, cable force slowly slowly peeling off the outer skin


4.Loosen the tool handle, then remove the cable, cable metal neatly exposed outside, the rest of the plastic insulation intact.


MILLING TOOTH WIRE STRIPPER HAND TOOLS 704 with Material is 50 carbon steel

MILLING TOOTH WIRE STRIPPER HAND TOOLS 704 with Material is 50 carbon steel

MILLING TOOTH WIRE STRIPPER HAND TOOLS 704 with Material is 50 carbon steel

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Q:How to use the pressure line pliers, which one is broken behind, which is peeling, which is the head of the pressure ah?
Half round wire stripping opening port of peace, half round is peeling lines, strip length should be from about 13MM fracture. A flat is a telephone line. Break away from about 8MM strip length. The last pair of scissors, of course, is for cutting lines, and the telephone lines can be cut as well as the net!
Q:How to use a measurement of three phase current
Because the clamp table itself is of low precision, small current measurement, can adopt the following methods: first, the measured circuit of the wire around a few times, were measured and then put into the jaw in clamp meter. The current clamp meter indicating the value of the actual value is not measured, the actual current should be divided by the wire clamp meter readings for winding the coil number.
Q:Does the speed limiter of the elevator protect the elevator from speeding up?
The overspeed protection device for the car on the steel rope is mainly controlled by the speed limiter and rope clamp structure. This is a speed limiter as speed control components, with rope gripper as deceleration protection system components, in the elevator overspeed drives when speeding up the rope gripper, clamping wire rope braking, which requires the rope gripper is fixed and reliable. The utility model has the advantages that the installation is simple, and the layout of the hoistway is not influenced, especially for the old ladder transformation, and the realization of the overspeed up protection of the car is more operable.
Q:What's the keel pliers?
The utility model is mainly used for the installation work of the partition in the decoration engineering, and the connecting process is simple and easy to use. The utility model has the advantages of fast and firm, time saving, labor saving, consumption reducing, work efficiency improvement, etc..
Q:Do you have any special pliers for cable TV?
TV signal ambiguity is not necessarily the cause of joint, joint pay attention not to make the core wire and the outer metal braid braid and short circuit, and the plug of the outer contact is good, and then use the ordinary pliers to press ring pressed. Because this kind of pliers is specially used for compressing the hexagon F head, it is called F head press clamp or cable TV special line clamp.
Q:How do you measure current with a caliper meter?
The iron core of the current transformer can be opened when the wrench is tightened; the wire through which the current is measured can be cut through the opening of the iron core without cutting off, and when the wrench is released, the iron core is closed. Through the test circuit of the core, the wire becomes the primary coil of the current transformer, in which the current is induced in the two coil through the current. A current meter connected with the two coil is then instructed to measure the current of the line being measured.
Q:The structure and technical analysis of the use of Web jaws pliers, the more detailed the better, thank you!
The use of pliersAlso known as machine vise clamp, is a common fixture, commonly used in the installation of small parts. It is a random attachment of milling machines and drilling machines. Fix it on the machine table to clamp the workpiece and do the cutting.
Q:Often eat crab clamp on the body all right
Crabs are salty and cold, and they are scavengers, so they must be dipped in ginger vinegar at the time of eating to remove cold, and they should not be eaten singly.The gills of crabs, sandbags, viscera contain a large number of bacteria and toxins, eat when we must get rid of. Dead crabs can not be eaten. Because dead crabs contain a large number of bacteria and the decomposition of harmful substances, will cause allergic food poisoning.
Q:The engineering general whystick with clamp current meter to measure the current without universal current meter to measure the current?
Because the universal table need to break the circuit, the two test series into the circuit to measure current. Moreover, the measurement of current is also very small, generally the largest 20A, can not meet the requirements of the project to measure current requirements, does not affect the line, fast, large range of requirements. So only the clamp current meter to measure the current of dozens or even hundreds of Engineering equipment.
Q:What about the location of the car brake tongs?
For vehicle braking force distribution before and after the bridge (because the front and rear axle is not the same), there may be front rear wheels, not the same situation, is to get a better vehicle braking force distribution curve, both want synchronous adhesion coefficient and usually use the most close to the road adhesion coefficient of road surface, in order to obtain the good braking effect in daily working conditions.

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