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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Crimping pliers tool J40 poly bag, blister packing, head card, according to customer's requirements.
Delivery Detail:15 - 30 days according to the order


We are professionally producering any plier
Standard: CE, RoHS, Reach, PaHS
Provide OEM & ODM

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Crimping pliers tool  ploy J40 , blister packing, head card, according to customer's requirements.
Delivery Detail:Within 7-10 days accoeding to the order

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Q:What are the differences between wire clippers and wire clippers?
The cable clamp belongs to a category of line clamp.
Q:What is the meaning of 4P 6P 8P?
8P is our most common network crystal head, 6P has not seen before, 4P is the telephone line plug, in actual application only uses 4P's intermediate two core
Q:What kind of material does nail clippers have?
I am a nail clippers factory, nail clippers have two kinds of materials, one is carbon steel, and the other is stainless steel.
Q:What brand is a multi-function pliers?
Multifunctional pliers, multi tool pliers to clamp head with other tools, knives, saws, cans, bottle opener, knife as auxiliary tool, and not change the performance characteristics make it more versatile.
Q:What is the linkage process of speed limiter safety clamp in detail?
When the elevator speed exceeds the rated speed 115% down, the speed limiter electrical switch action, cut off the control circuit power, so that the car stopped.
Q:Classification of pipe cutters
According to the bearing capacity of the pipe clamp is divided into heavy, ordinary grade two grades; according to the weight divided into plus heavy, heavy and light; according to style for the British, American, German, Spanish, oblique type, chain, olecranon double handle wrench; a handle part material is divided into Aluminum Alloy, pipe clamp steel pipe clamp, steel pipe clamp, ductile iron pipe clamp, etc..
Q:How do I use the hydraulic tongs?
Unscrew the pressure relief valve or pressure discharge valve needle handle rotation, until the piston cylinder completely back, the complete cutting pliers: hard and soft and hard steel scissors can shear steel strand (overhead line) copper cable, copper cable can only shear soft, working steps and crimping pliers, just some cutting pliers without safety valve (relief valve), so in the cable (steel) cut, do not continue to handle pressure. Hand hydraulic pump: used to fit split pressure connections, shear heads used.
Q:Plastic packaging pliers packaged to use very vigorously, what is the matter?
The plastic packing belt has the advantages of light weight, firmness, corrosion resistance, convenient use, etc., and is widely used. Plastic packaging belt, also known as PET packaging belt, is the current popular in the world...
Q:What are the materials made of metal in nail clippers?
There are two kinds of nail clippers, one is carbon steel, the other is stainless steel.
Q:Pressure riveting pliers, pressure riveting, riveting gun, is a kind of thing? No, what are the functions?
Use the riveter: if the nut of a product is to be mounted on the outside and inside the space is narrow, cannot make head into pressure riveting machine sub and sprouting methods cannot achieve when the strength requirements, then the pressure riveting and rivet are not feasible. Riveting must be applied to all thicknesses of sheet and tubing (0.5MM-6MM) fastening areas. The use of pneumatic or manual riveter can be a riveting, convenient and firm; to replace the traditional welding nut, cover sheet metal, thin fusible pipe welding, welding nut is not smooth enough. Type the riveter: according to the dynamic type of riveter is divided into manual, electric, pneumatic types, the ordinary user manual is most widely used, low price, convenient operation, with corresponding electric tools (such as hand electric drill, impact drill etc.)

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