Wire Stripper Cable Stripping Machine Manufacturer Automatic Wire Cutting Cable Stripper Twister

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Product Description:

Product Name: Cable Stripper

Colour: green

Application: cutting wire

OEM: Yes

Mode  Number: 047916

Handle: Rubber Grip Handle

MOQ: 10pcs

Standard: GB

Package: Carton Box Packing

Product packaging size: 612.5px*237.5px*87.5px

weight: 0.5kg

Minimum order quantity: 10 Pieces

USD price: 4.44

Wire Stripper Cable Stripping Machine Manufacturer Automatic Wire Cutting Cable Stripper Twister

Wire Stripper Cable Stripping Machine Manufacturer Automatic Wire Cutting Cable Stripper Twister

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Q:Length of wire pliers?
According to the Chinese average height of about 1.7 meters, 7 inches (175 millimeters) of the more appropriate, 8 inches of power is relatively large, but slightly heavy;6 inches of relatively small, shear slightly thicker steel wire is more laborious. The 5 inch is the mini wire wrench.
Q:What brand of nail clippers is of good quality?
It's about the same. That cheap one. Generally speaking, large nail clippers are more effective and durable than small nail clippers.
Q:How to use the flow meter?
As long as the wire clip in the clip can clamp meter readings. If the wire clamp meter in clamp mouth around then, reading will double the real current value should be divided by 2 readings.
Q:How do you cut the wire with pliers?
Pliers is a kind of hand tool used for clamping, fixing workpieces, or twisting, bending and cutting metal wires. The shape of the pliers is V shaped and usually consists of three parts: the handle, the tongs, the gill and the forceps.
Q:The first use of forceps, often can not move the pipe clamp, ask how to correctly use the wrench?
Methods of use and precautions:1, to choose the right specifications2. The opening of the tong head is equal to the diameter of the workpiece;3, clamping head to tighten the workpiece, then pull hard to prevent slipping;4, with the boosting rod length should be appropriate, not too hard or exceed the allowable strength pipe;5, the clamp teeth and adjusting ring to keep clean.
Q:What's a pipe wrench for?
Because the connections between them are screwed by the pipe thread, the force is very large, and no special tools are not available.
Q:When the voltage clamp is used, what is the electrode instability of the current measurement?
Before and after each measurement, the switch of regulating current range should be placed in the most advanced position, so as not to damage the meter when measuring the frequency range without selecting the next time.
Q:What lever does nail clippers belong to?
Use a nail clipper to cut nails, OED by the lever upward pull F1 column activities in E, the resistance F2 at point D, the fulcrum for O. OED analysis of lever force, and draw the diagram: it can be seen from the figure: the power arm is smaller than the resistance arm, therefore, leverage OED for the fee of force of the lever.
Q:What is the meaning of clamp meter
The work is mainly composed of an electromagnetic current meter and bushing type current mutual inductor. Straight through current transformer core made of movable opening, and a clamp on ammeter, named.
Q:How do you connect the wire to the crystal plug by hand without net tongs?
Tools needed, paper knives, tiny screwdrivers, hammers, materials, at least 3 crystal heads, twine

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