Cable Cutter Factory Supply Hot Selling Attractive Price Cable Cutter

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Product Description:

Product Name: Cable Cutter

Colour: green

Application: kitchen

OEM: Yes

Mode  Number: 047953

Handle: Rubber Grip Handle

MOQ: 1pcs

Standard: GB

Package: Carton Box Packing

Product packaging size: 1537.5px*500px*112.5px

weight: 2.3kg

Minimum order quantity: 1Piece

USD price: 22.3

Cable Cutter Factory Supply Hot Selling Attractive Price Cable Cutter

Cable Cutter Factory Supply Hot Selling Attractive Price Cable Cutter

Cable Cutter Factory Supply Hot Selling Attractive Price Cable Cutter

Cable Cutter Factory Supply Hot Selling Attractive Price Cable Cutter

Cable Cutter Factory Supply Hot Selling Attractive Price Cable Cutter

Cable Cutter Factory Supply Hot Selling Attractive Price Cable Cutter

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Q:What is an electric clamp? What does it work for? Thank you
The electric clamp is a tool for measuring current on line. It works by mutual inductance. The working principle of the instrument transformer that is installed with an electric meter.
Q:What are the main safety guards for elevators?
Elevator safety protection system is usually composed of two parts, mechanical safety protection device and electrical safety protection device. Mechanical safety protection device is mainly limited speed device and a safety clamp, buffer, brake, hall door lock and car door electric interlock, door safety protection device, car top security window, car top protective railing, baseboard; electrical safety protection shelter of electric shock directly and indirectly protection, electric fault protection electrical safety device, etc., some mechanical safety device often needs electric support and interlock to complete its action and reliable effect.
Q:The engineering general whystick with clamp current meter to measure the current without universal current meter to measure the current?
Because the universal table need to break the circuit, the two test series into the circuit to measure current. Moreover, the measurement of current is also very small, generally the largest 20A, can not meet the requirements of the project to measure current requirements, does not affect the line, fast, large range of requirements. So only the clamp current meter to measure the current of dozens or even hundreds of Engineering equipment.
Q:What's a pipe wrench for?
Because the connections between them are screwed by the pipe thread, the force is very large, and no special tools are not available.
Q:Why is the bottom of the pliers bottom signal? Everybody help!
A stock fell sharply earlier, one day, two of the lowest price almost the same K line, we call this K line portfolio for the bottom of pliers. Two of the lowest K is almost the same, that the air force almost failure, no more chips downward price pressure.
Q:Can you use an old vise to cut an electric 220V wire?
Check the quality of a wire wrench, mainly from the following aspects:(1) grip grip handle, facing the light, cutting edge shall not be transparent, otherwise it is not qualified, the gap shall not be greater than 0.3MM;(2) the angle of the pliers shall not be less than 22 degrees;(3) there is no blocking phenomenon in the cheek, and it can shear the hard steel wire of 1.6MM;(4) the tail rubber sleeve can not be obviously loosened;(5) surface plating layer can not be marked.
Q:What is a surprise?
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Q:With the method of leakage fault check line clamp meter
The currents should be equal (and opposite), and the opposing magnetic fields should cancel each other out. If there is no offset, it means that some of the current (called leakage current) is returning from another path, and the only other path is the ground circuit.
Q:What are the differences between wire clippers and wire clippers?
Can make RJ45 network wire connector. RJ11 telephone line connector, 4P telephone line connector. Integrated cable clamp all functions, can facilitate the cutting, creasing, stripping operation. It is made of iron and is suitable for RJ45, RJ11 type wire netting. It is hardened and dyed black. It is light and strong in shape. Is your network to install high-quality network necessary tools. The following is a cable clamp.
Q:What's the pressure of the ordinary hydraulic pliers?
The pump is connected to the design, press head can rotate 180 degrees;The crimping head can rotate 180 deg;The packing box is integrally molded plastic material, beautiful and practical;For the transmission and distribution lines and distribution lines at the workshop on copper aluminum terminal crimping, automatic pressure relief device, safe and efficient.

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