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Light stripping: Comfortable handle Whole heat treatment: Precision grinding

Product Description:









 Key specification:

1.cut any cleanly strips electrical wire from 10 to 22 gauge

Insert tip of wire into marked holes to determine the size of the wire to be stripped 

Squeeze the handle to strip easily and without nicking the wire

2.crimps both insulated and non-insulated ignition terminals

3.tool has black oxide finish for rust resistance

4.Vinyl clad cushion grip handles insulate as well as provide comfort of use



Using the method of the wire stripping pliers

All by hand if the wire stripping pliers groove is then a simple select wire size cut a pull on the line. If and oblique mouth clamp like it by hand, clip to a certain strength, a pull on the line.



Key points:

 according to the diameter of the wire, the wire stripper blade aperture


1.According to the thickness of the cable type, select the corresponding stripping knife

2.The cable will be ready in the middle stripping tool blade, to choose a good length of wire stripping

3.Hold the stripping tool handle, cable clip, cable force slowly slowly peeling off the outer skin


4.Loosen the tool handle, then remove the cable, cable metal neatly exposed outside, the rest of the plastic insulation intact.




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Q:Do I need to change the brake caliper? How soon will it be replaced?
Although the quality of the domestic generally can not keep up with international standards, but because of the manufacture of simple calipers, but also very mature, it is estimated that when there is a problem, then change it!
Q:Why does the elevator have a safety tongs and fall?
The newly installed elevator speed limiter, install the wrong direction, when the elevator moves downwards, overspeed rope clamp can not clamp overspeed rope, on the other hand, when the elevator to run when the rope clamping pliers to clamp the wire rope, causing failure.
Q:How to use the pressure line pliers, which one is broken behind, which is peeling, which is the head of the pressure ah?
Half round wire stripping opening port of peace, half round is peeling lines, strip length should be from about 13MM fracture. A flat is a telephone line. Break away from about 8MM strip length. The last pair of scissors, of course, is for cutting lines, and the telephone lines can be cut as well as the net!
Q:The hydraulic pliers can cut the U lock it
Sure, cut it off. I've got you some solutions to the problem of hydraulic tweezers: 1., enough oil, not enough gas. 2., check whether the hydraulic oil contamination and impurities, and when mixed with impurities in the oil, often in the oil when the cylinder caused by steel ball and arc seal is lax, can not meet the demand pressure. Solution, oil change, cleaning cylinder. 3., such as cleaning, oil change is not enough pressure, you can adjust the high-pressure pressure valve, and sometimes high-pressure valve will be loose, so that the hydraulic clamp pressure is not required when the beginning of decompression. 4., if the pressure regulating valve is not adjusted to the demand pressure, it is necessary to consider the cylinder steel wear, spring weakness or fracture, pressure oil piston wear, seals failure, and cylinder wear and tear. At this point, you need to replace the relevant parts, or grinding, repair, etc..
Q:A sample of a WOW turtle shell
Kill the turtle after you do the task, NPC will give you a task, give you a sample for you to take to Silverpine forest task, your bag is this task.
Q:Can the wire cutter blade be changed?
Of course can be changed, I just bought it today, cable clamp, Ningbo bang, blade broken words on selling computer supplies to place a question, a yuan of money, but the blade is broken, can use the scissors,
Q:How to use a wire clamp and a line to make a crystal head?
Pressure line: insert the crystal head into the slot, and press the clamp tightly!
Q:What's the pressure of the ordinary hydraulic pliers?
The pump is connected to the design, press head can rotate 180 degrees;The crimping head can rotate 180 deg;The packing box is integrally molded plastic material, beautiful and practical;For the transmission and distribution lines and distribution lines at the workshop on copper aluminum terminal crimping, automatic pressure relief device, safe and efficient.
Q:What's the tool used to bend the line in the distribution box?
A pair of handles used for holding. A gripping handle designed according to ergonomic principles for easier safe and comfortable grip. The connecting shaft, which is the connecting shaft point of the pliers. The connection must be smooth, free of any looseness, easy to open or close with a single hand. The tongs hold the jaws of the pliers or cut the edges of the knife. The cutting edge of the pliers is finely shaped into the proper shape. The two cutting edges (with springs) must be very sharp and close to each other, making it easy to cut wires.This will be smaller (such as external force exerted on the clamp arm on the hand) into greater skill, makes the pliers can effectively hold or cut. When the external force applied to the caliper arm increases with the lever rate, the force acting on the pliers nozzle creates a clamping force to move the outside force. To produce a greater external force, the distance from the center of the riveting position of the pliers to the handle must be as long as possible, and the distance from the clamping port or shear port to the riveted center must be as short as possible. But many will largely increase the pliers hand, because they just make it easier, in places such as: work hard to handle assembly and electronic electronic equipment and precision engineering application etc..Pliers are usually forged from alloy and non alloy structural steels. For general pliers, it is made of high quality carbon structural steel with 0.45% carbon content. High quality and heavy duty tongs are made from high carbon content and / or alloy elements such as chromium or vanadium.
Q:What are the cutting pliers used in orthodontics to cut out any type of silk?
However, you ask the "filament cutter" actually should be called the ligature cutter, not cut off the main arch wire, main arch wire in the "filament" than ligature thick, may damage the "filament cutter" caused by "cutting edge" appear sharp groove wear.

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