European style fine polished long nose plier

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handle: rubber handle size: 6",8" color: yellow&green

Product Description:

European style fine polished long nose plier

1.Material :High quality carbon steel

2.Color:green & yellow



5.Sample:Samples free if customer bear the courier cost.

6.Production capacity:10000pcs per month



1. Samples free if customer bear the courier cost.

2. Samples time: please check with service person if you need samples.


Advantage and Innovation:

1. Made of high quality carbon steel 

2. comfortable handle when you use it

3.fine polished

4.Multi-functional long nose plier with 2-color plastic  handle

European style fine polished long nose plier

European style fine polished long nose plier


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Q:What kind of pliers is this? What's the exact model? Can I cut the bar?
[functional characteristics]1, forgings2, small wire tools, clockwork attachment, with one hand can easily cut off.3, blade forging special steel, because it is locking mechanism attachment, safe to use, easy to carry.4. Cut off material object: low carbon steel wire rod hardness is below HRB80
Q:After elevator safety tongs action, how should restore concrete step?
If it's the side of the car:The 1 room in the elevator operation to run a little slow, let the safety clamping rail release;2 check the action mechanism and electrical safety circuit of the speed limiter;3 local operation to facilitate the elevator car roof, car top inspection on the restoration of security clamp actuating mechanism, safety gear recovery switch when necessary4 try the elevator and let it run properly
Q:What is the automatic stripping pliers
The definition of use: automatic stripping pliers for electrician inside, motor repair, electrical instrumentation is one of the common tools. Used for electrical stripping of the surface insulation of the head of a wire.
Q:The difference between the mouth and the mouth of a vise
Open a V slot, the rod is used to clamp the workpiece, thereby clamping force is good, but also easy to locate..... In a word, the regular vice jaw can be their own products processing, and can replace (screw hole and positioning is the standard uniform)
Q:How do I add hydraulic oil to the hydraulic crimping pliers?
In the handle part of the hydraulic press, one oil bag, turn the oil bag out, change oil, and then remove the air, so as to complete the refueling.
Q:What's the cooker?
The crucible is to use a very refractory materials (such as clay, graphite, kaolin, quartz or difficult to molten metal such as iron) made of the vessel or melting tank. A bowl shaped container with a ceramic bottom.
Q:Classification of pipe cutters
Heat treatment hardness of all parts of the table below provides the pipe clamp parts: jaw tooth jaw screw adjusting nut spring HRC47 = HRC30 = HRA71 = hardness
Q:Clamp current can measure the actual power consumption of electrical
Clamp current meter to measure the current only part clamp meter can also measure the voltage, but also can only be measured;
Q:The line clamp doesn't tight the crystal head. Just change it. How do you fix the broken line clamp?
The general assembly can only clamp blade is replaced, if there are eight pressure copper teeth askew, throw it, crush it to the retirement age. But you can also try the crystal head in the opposite direction inside the alignment forceps to insert the few pieces of copper again try to be successful.
Q:The engineering general whystick with clamp current meter to measure the current without universal current meter to measure the current?
Because the universal table need to break the circuit, the two test series into the circuit to measure current. Moreover, the measurement of current is also very small, generally the largest 20A, can not meet the requirements of the project to measure current requirements, does not affect the line, fast, large range of requirements. So only the clamp current meter to measure the current of dozens or even hundreds of Engineering equipment.

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