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Electric hot water bag filled with hot new, heavy smell! How to do ah
Quickly stop using, take back swap, hot water bag quality problems, the consequences are very serious
I would like to ask how to drain the hot water bag, each filled with the feeling to burst.
The general charge can not be deflated, you can put the hot water bag in the cool place, so good. Because the charge is vaporization of water into water vapor, the bag pressure increases, as long as the decrease of pressure even liquefied gas line!
What is the liquid inside the charging hot water bag
The liquid in the bag is not the ordinary water, which contains the conductive material, the hot water bag is produced by the electromagnetic energy of electromagnetic energy is closed to prevent leakage,
What is the water in the hot water bag?
Hot water in the ordinary hot water bag.You say is the hand warmer in the water, warm bag of liquid that is supersaturated solution of sodium acetate (sodium, acetate, CH3COONa) is a kind of supersaturated solution. Supersaturated solution is a certain temperature, pressure, when the concentration of solute in the solution has exceeded the temperature, pressure, the solubility of the solute, and the solute is still not the phenomenon of excessive precipitation phenomenon. Warm hand treasure inside the liquid is the liquid, and some people say that water is not water, is a solution.
No electrothermal water to unplug the plug? Then water?
You can, but don't add too much, there are heated powder, lest more and pour out the influence of heating effect. By the way, add water to remember to exclude air, or heating is easy to expand
How to save the hot water bag inside need to water
After water storage, drying, with talcum powder or powder rub wrapped in paper, prevent sticky, and other things together
How long is the charge of hot water bag?
Hot water bag charging takes ten minutes. When there are more than the temperature of the hot water bag, just a few minutes to charge.
Is there any radiation in the charging hot water bag?
It is found that the electric heater will produce very low electromagnetic radiation when it is electrified, and it will not cause bad effect on the human body. Pregnant mothers can try not to touch the electric po electric heating, should not produce radiation damage to normal use