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Does the use of gas heaters hurt the human body indoors?
Because the heater needs oxygen when it is burning, the strong platoon can only exhaust the exhaust gas outside, and the oxygen needed when burning is taken from the inside. Therefore, he will compete with the human for the air and cause suffocation to the human.
Is the gas heater safe?
Safety of gas heater.Safety, environmental protection, no noise, high heat. The heater is generally equipped with multiple safety protection device, the liquefied gas is used in the process of transforming into heat, the exhaust gas and oxygen consumption in the trace is not human safety limit is not timely, safety facilities to start, flameout and cut off the gas supply, because the heater was oblique or accidentally make impact will stop automatically cut off the gas supply. Because of no ignition or wind and other reasons, when flameout, automatically cut off the gas source. Liquefied petroleum gas is considered environmentally friendly fuel, the use of liquefied petroleum gas will not cause pollution to the environment.
Is there a heater that does not use electricity, does not burn coal, and does not use gas?
No, from the point of view of conservation of energy in nature, there is energy for heating, and it can not be converted without energy. So that did not exist at that time.
Is LPG gas heater safe? How about the heating effect?
No problem, the key depends on how to use, ventilation solved
Can gas heaters be used indoors?
Yes, if not, who will use the gas range, as long as the correct use of gas on it?
My house is 130 square meters, just turn on the gas pipeline, see the next floor heating with natural gas, I want to ask, natural gas heating, not installed radiator and a gas heater price is how many can cost a month? Listen to the next a month /700, weighs, really so expensive here, not to say that the use of natural gas to cook what are much cheaper than the gas tank!
Cooking with natural gas is certainly cheaper than a gas tank. If you use liquefied gas to heat up, you're ready to go bankrupt. You need a warmer area and at least 15 gas per day. Do you think so?
When will gas heating water for home use need water injection?
No water, just water
Umbrella type gas heaters (which are used in many hotels in winter), can they be used in a sealed environment? There is the use of liquefied gas, right? If you open four or five hours a day, how often can a large amount of liquid gas last for a few days? Thank youIs it suitable to use the family? Still use the cabinet to move that kind of better
Don't use household umbrella -- it's dangerous! Wall hanging stove is used at home