Y10WF100/260S AC non-clearane gas insulated metal oxide surge arrester

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Product Description:

Product model: Y10WF - 100/260 SEC
Product features: cardiac Y10WF - 100/260 s tank arrester is 110 kv 

three-phase body, internal insulation SF6 gas, combination with the 

GIS systems.The product design is reasonable, the structure optimization, 

the internal electric field and potential distribution control in a reasonable 

range;Good electrical properties, with good sealing structure, sealed 

performance is good;The explosion-proof device, explosion-proof 

performance is good.
Derive product passed the national insulator arrester quality supervision and 

inspection center of type testing, various technical parameters and performance 

indexes meet GB11032 exchange non-clearane metal oxide surge arrester, 

JB/T7617 the sulfur hexafluoride tank non-clearane metal oxide surge arrester, 

and 6601 - JT - 94 "110 kv GIS with SF6 tank (three-phase) non-clearane metal 

oxide arrester technology conditions".Field sampling test qualified.Commissioning reflect good.

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