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Product Description:

MIni size, 3/4 size of normal smoke alarm;
lithium battery operated, 5 year battery time

Mini Smoke alarm

Battery operated

Low battery single

Test button(RED LED)

Solid connections and battery included


Technical Parameter:

Power Source: 3X3V battery

Quiescent current: 612uA

Working Temperature: -10~+40

Alarm decibel: ≥85db/3m

Size: (diameter) 72×37mm

5 year battery time

The smoke alarm works on the principle that infrared scatters in the smoke to probe the smoke which is generated by the incomplete combustion at the initial stage of the fire. It consists of photoelectric system, signal processing identification circuit and alarm circuit. The infrared scatters on the surface of the smoke when the smoke enters the darkroom of the detector, then the photoelectric diode receives the scattered light and generates the photoelectric signal current. The photoelectric signal generates the alarm signal after being processed by the identification circuit, accordingly the purpose of alarming is achieved.

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