soft fire rescue metal ladder

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Fire Rescue Ladder
1. It is used for the rescue works of high place.
2. It is made of aluminium alloy and rope.

Fire Rescue Ladder

1. It is used for the rescue works of high place.

2. It is made of aluminium alloy and rope.

3. Rated loading: >150kg

4. Its length is 10m.

5. Safety factor: 10times.

6. Weight: ≤3.3kg

7. Its packing size is not more than 330×200×100mm

1, security

Full range of stability: the level of rated load, legs stretched wide in the horizontal plane, even at full extension ladder, and no roll-over risk.

Overload auto-alarm: When the bucket load with ladder racks inside the pedestrian load than the rated load, the system will automatically alarm.

A variety of anti-collision protection: the work of the Big Dipper's four crash, anti-ladder cab collision, vehicle anti-collision ladder, frame, anti-collision ladder

Ladder can automatically start and stop buffer

Legs did not turn the whole extension ladder limit

Legs did not shrink in place alarm

Alarm branch Tuiruan leg

Equipment box door is not closed alarm

2, reliable

Engine: world-class German Mercedes-Benz 410-horsepower turbocharged intercooled diesel engine EFI intelligent control to ensure that the transfer of vehicles, rescue process can be sources of constant power.

Chassis: original next-generation 3341 Mercedes-Benz fire engines converted to use heavy-duty chassis, ensuring power, reliable transmission and walking.

Water Pump: The United States original first-class water pump to ensure that a long time continuous operation, in order to provide water for fighting a large fire.

Hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical components: are used in other products used on the volume of international famous brands.

3, efficient

Operating range of the Big Dipper Big: Boom standard working condition and able to stretch a rate of 30 meters, is equipped with various types of domestic high-class fire engines give the most significant of not more than 24 meters.

Automatic Leveling legs: one-button start a nd shorten the preparation time.

Overloading: Bucket who do not spray when carrying 450 kilograms, water-jet carrying 225 kilograms when.

High Flow: The maximum flow rate of 5600 liters of Jet / min.

Continuous Rescue: Ladder, such as a huge long staircase to ensure the rescued personnel to continuously go vehicle platform.

Equipment, large capacity box: Truck capable of carrying six ladders, 300 meters above the water.

Lighting: bucket inside with two 220V, 500W floodlight light, powered by the vehicle generator.

Stretcher: You can choose.

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