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Hydraulic Door Breaker Device
1.MAX opening force:8T
2.Working stroke:90mm
3.Rated pressure:63MPA

90mm Stroke Hydraulic Door Breaker Device

90mm Stroke Hydraulic Door Breaker Device

Rated pressure:  63 MPA
MAX opening force8T
Working stroke:90mm
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90mm Stroke Hydraulic Door Breaker Device

Features and applications
Hydraulic door opener should run with the hydraulic hand pump. When fires, earthquakes, traffic accidents and other natural disasters or accidents, the fire rescue personnel will be available using hydraulic door openers to open metal structures reinforced fence, rescue persons or things in a hazardous environment, so that disaster relief departments to achieve rapid rescue purposes.

Hydraulic door opener, beautiful shape, open and strong, reliable performance, light weight, easy to carry, fire, traffic police and other departments must rescue a small rescue tools.

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