INGESCO PDC 3.1 Lightning Rod Lightning Protection System

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Item specifice:

Model number: PDC3.1, PDC3.3, PDC4.3, PDC5.3, PDC6.3 Material: Stainless steel Product name: PDC Lightning Rod
Max dia: 230mm Category: early streamer emission lightning rod Height: 640mm
Advantage: significant early discharge time

Product Description:

Key benefits of PDC3.1 lightning rod


1. No electronic, long service life.


2. Protection quality is not changed by lightning.


3. Fully active lightning.


4. Safe and reliable, Testing and identification are by internationally renowned pressure test chamber .


5. No need to maintain.

Early discharge time:


Size of Lightning Arrester

Early discharge time









 Maxium radius of protection:


Lightning protection radius

Building height(m)





First kind of lightning protection building





Second kind of lightning protection building





Third kind of lightning protection building






INGESCO PDC 3.1 Lightning Rod Lightning Protection System

INGESCO PDC 3.1 Lightning Rod Lightning Protection System

INGESCO PDC 3.1 Lightning Rod Lightning Protection System


1. Complex: industrial, commercial and civil construction, science and technology museum, exhibition center, resorts


2. Historic buildings, museums, scenic spot and historic city, statues


3. Information industry: center machine room, GSM, CDMA base stations, PHS, tower Petroleum and petrochemical, oil pipeline, the reservoir, gas station, transfer station


4. Transportation: Bridges, ports;Highway communication, monitoring, charging center


5. Hydraulic power: communications center, hydrological stations, substations, power plants, the dispatching center


6. Civil aviation: airport terminal, tower, radar, navigation, oil tank area, communication machine room


7. Financial insurance, banking and insurance of large and medium-sized computer center, the securities company


8. Radio and television tower, station, launch machine room


1. Is the sample free or not?

    Because the cost of the lightning rod is very high, we are afraid that we can not provide the free sample.

2. If the order is too large , can you ensure in time delivery?

    Sure! Our factory with high productive force and we have the advanced technology devices which make us ensure in time delivery.

3. How to deal with the problems after purchase?

   If it is the problem of installation, our technical personnel will be in the fastest time to reply you,  and guide you how to install the operation.

    If it is the problem of quality, please show me your evidence, we will make corresponding solution on specific issues, such as replacement or refund.

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