• LPI Stomaster 50 ESE Lightning Arrester for  Lightning Protection System 1
  • LPI Stomaster 50 ESE Lightning Arrester for  Lightning Protection System 2
  • LPI Stomaster 50 ESE Lightning Arrester for  Lightning Protection System 3
  • LPI Stomaster 50 ESE Lightning Arrester for  Lightning Protection System 4
  • LPI Stomaster 50 ESE Lightning Arrester for  Lightning Protection System 5
LPI Stomaster 50 ESE Lightning Arrester for  Lightning Protection

LPI Stomaster 50 ESE Lightning Arrester for Lightning Protection

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LPI 60 Lightning Rod LPI 50 Lightning Rod

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Model number:
LPI 50, LPI 60
Product Name:
LPI Lightning Arrester
Max dia:
ESE air terninal and good lighting protection
GuardianTM System 5

LPI® offers a family of air terminals and accessories. Our product design is based on the most recent advances in lightning 

research whilst maintaining proven principles associated with the successes of the past. LPI® Guardian System 5 provides 

a purpose designed package for direct lightning protection. 

The Guardian System 5 has been tested in compliance to IEC Test Standard: IEC 60-1:1989. 


1. A  Family of LPI®CAT (Controlled Advanced Triggering) series air terminals. 

2. A  Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) mast. 

3. A  purpose-designed High Voltage Shielded Cable (HVSC). 

4. A  lightning strike recorder (LSR). 

5.An  earthing system which consists of Earth rods, Clamps, Copper tapes and Ground 

resistance improvement powder (GRIP).


Key Benefits of LPI Stormaster ESE Terminals

1.Blunt finial tip which minimizes corona effect. 

2.4 electrically isolated panels. 

3.High Voltage connection at the base. 

4.Triggering procedure allows the initiation of an intercepting streamer.

Risk Assessment 

In accordance with Australian Standard (AS1768) all “CATCALC” designs are subjected to a site risk assessment to determine the perceived risk from a lightning strike. The risk assessment considers the following. 

1.Usage and contents of the structure(s) 

2.Construction materials of the structure(s) 

3.Height of the structure(s) 

4.Situation at site - Flat ground or elevated above sea level 

5.Average thunder days per annum

LPI Stomaster 50 ESE Lightning Arrester for  Lightning Protection

LPI Stomaster 50 ESE Lightning Arrester for  Lightning Protection


LPI Stomaster 50 ESE Lightning Arrester for  Lightning Protection

LPI Stomaster 50 ESE Lightning Arrester for  Lightning Protection


1. Complex: industrial, commercial and civil construction, science and technology museum, exhibition center, resorts


2. Historic buildings, museums, scenic spot and historic city, statues


3. Information industry: center machine room, GSM, CDMA base stations, PHS, tower Petroleum and petrochemical, oil pipeline, the reservoir, gas station, transfer station


4. Transportation: Bridges, ports;Highway communication, monitoring, charging center


5. Hydraulic power: communications center, hydrological stations, substations, power plants, the dispatching center


6. Civil aviation: airport terminal, tower, radar, navigation, oil tank area, communication machine room


7. Financial insurance, banking and insurance of large and medium-sized computer center, the securities company


8. Radio and television tower, station, launch machine room


1. Is the sample free or not?

    Because the cost of the lightning rod is very high, we are afraid that we can not provide the free sample.

2. If the order is too large , can you ensure in time delivery?

    Sure! Our factory with high productive force and we have the advanced technology devices which make us ensure in time delivery.

3. How to deal with the problems after purchase?

   If it is the problem of installation, our technical personnel will be in the fastest time to reply you,  and guide you how to install the operation.

    If it is the problem of quality, please show me your evidence, we will make corresponding solution on specific issues, such as replacement or refund.

Q:How much is it to install a lightning rod for a 150 square meter two story building?
As for the lightning rod, you see the main building location, if the surrounding buildings are tall buildings, it can not do the lightning rod, if the buildings surrounding relatively empty, can do lightning, lightning protection range, according to the calculation of rolling ball method.
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Q:Why can lightning bolts be installed at the top of the building to prevent lightning strikes?
Lightning is a conductor and should be installed in the highest office building; lightning current is, its characteristic is, will hit the minimum resistance and two recent distance objects, the lightning rod will be current into the earth, thus up protection of the
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If you're looking for a nice cheap rod, the berkley lightning rod is the way to go. I recommend the 7 foot for you're style of fishing. Its only about 50 dollars which gives you more money for a nice reel. Catch a big one!

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