LPI Stomaster 50 ESE Lightning Arrester for Lightning Protection

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LPI 60 Lightning RodLPI 50 Lightning Rod
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Item specifice:

Model number: LPI 50, LPI 60 Product Name: LPI Lightning Arrester Max dia: 159mm
Function: ESE air terninal and good lighting protection Height: 358mm Type: GuardianTM System 5

Product Description:

LPI® offers a family of air terminals and accessories. Our product design is based on the most recent advances in lightning 

research whilst maintaining proven principles associated with the successes of the past. LPI® Guardian System 5 provides 

a purpose designed package for direct lightning protection. 

The Guardian System 5 has been tested in compliance to IEC Test Standard: IEC 60-1:1989. 


1. A  Family of LPI®CAT (Controlled Advanced Triggering) series air terminals. 

2. A  Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) mast. 

3. A  purpose-designed High Voltage Shielded Cable (HVSC). 

4. A  lightning strike recorder (LSR). 

5.An  earthing system which consists of Earth rods, Clamps, Copper tapes and Ground 

resistance improvement powder (GRIP).


Key Benefits of LPI Stormaster ESE Terminals

1.Blunt finial tip which minimizes corona effect. 

2.4 electrically isolated panels. 

3.High Voltage connection at the base. 

4.Triggering procedure allows the initiation of an intercepting streamer.

Risk Assessment 

In accordance with Australian Standard (AS1768) all “CATCALC” designs are subjected to a site risk assessment to determine the perceived risk from a lightning strike. The risk assessment considers the following. 

1.Usage and contents of the structure(s) 

2.Construction materials of the structure(s) 

3.Height of the structure(s) 

4.Situation at site - Flat ground or elevated above sea level 

5.Average thunder days per annum

LPI Stomaster 50 ESE Lightning Arrester for  Lightning Protection

LPI Stomaster 50 ESE Lightning Arrester for  Lightning Protection


LPI Stomaster 50 ESE Lightning Arrester for  Lightning Protection

LPI Stomaster 50 ESE Lightning Arrester for  Lightning Protection


1. Complex: industrial, commercial and civil construction, science and technology museum, exhibition center, resorts


2. Historic buildings, museums, scenic spot and historic city, statues


3. Information industry: center machine room, GSM, CDMA base stations, PHS, tower Petroleum and petrochemical, oil pipeline, the reservoir, gas station, transfer station


4. Transportation: Bridges, ports;Highway communication, monitoring, charging center


5. Hydraulic power: communications center, hydrological stations, substations, power plants, the dispatching center


6. Civil aviation: airport terminal, tower, radar, navigation, oil tank area, communication machine room


7. Financial insurance, banking and insurance of large and medium-sized computer center, the securities company


8. Radio and television tower, station, launch machine room


1. Is the sample free or not?

    Because the cost of the lightning rod is very high, we are afraid that we can not provide the free sample.

2. If the order is too large , can you ensure in time delivery?

    Sure! Our factory with high productive force and we have the advanced technology devices which make us ensure in time delivery.

3. How to deal with the problems after purchase?

   If it is the problem of installation, our technical personnel will be in the fastest time to reply you,  and guide you how to install the operation.

    If it is the problem of quality, please show me your evidence, we will make corresponding solution on specific issues, such as replacement or refund.

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Q:Hello, independent lightning rod with 4 minutes galvanized pipe, you can weld it?
An isolated lightning conductor grounding network should normally be separated from other ground grids. Distance to meet A requirements; when the building is too high or other reasons to install lightning rod lightning rod, can be mounted directly on the building but to meet some of the requirements, refer to GB50057-94 (2000) 3.2.4.A. independent lightning pillar and grounding device to protect buildings and its metal connected pipelines and cables distance should meet the following requirements.
Q:can access every other users files i have complete ownership over the folder but still says access denied. what can i do i need the contents inside?
Odds are that the pvc cement alone will suffice, but why chance a leak when it's so easy to ensure against it? Make sure that there are no rough edges on the cut end of the pipe. Use emery cloth or sandpaper, or if you are going to be working on such projects in the future, you may want to invest in the purchase of modestly priced special tools made for the purpose. Use the purple solvent primer on the pipe and the fitting to assure that there is no oily substance on the surfaces to be glued which might interfere with bonding. Cut and fit all pipes and fittings before gluing, then separate and glue one joint at a time. Depending upon what you are connecting with, sometimes it is necessary to glue certain joints before others, Think the assembly through before you glue. The good thing is that even if you have to redo all or part, the materials are inexpensive.
Q:How can the concrete mixing station be equipped with lightning rod?! Mainly cement storage tank height! About 20 meters, the tank is made of steel plate! How to install the lightning rod is effective?!
The cement tank is welded by steel plate and welded with the grounding electrode in the underground foundation to form its own lightning protection ground.
Q:How is the lightning arrester installed?
Directly with the circle of 8 steel welding, 10 cm high, 1M spacing, above with circle 8 linked up, not, you go to another building roof to see, very simple.
Q:What is the difference between lightning protection network and lightning protection?
In fact, the lightning arrester is equivalent to the criss cross of the lightning belt, and the lightning protection network is installed on the building, so the lightning protection of the building can be carried out. There are two forms of lightning protection network, namely, bright and dark. The installed lightning protection network is on the roof of the building or on the top roof of the building, with the visible visible metal grid as the flash receiver, and the grounding of the lead line along or along the outer wall. As the installed lightning protection network is not very attractive, it will cause difficulties in construction, and will increase additional project investment, so it is now less used.
Q:Is the lightning rod the lightning needle?
The grounding resistance is only measured, and it is impossible to measure it. It requires professional staff. Of course, the smaller the grounding resistance, the better, but the smaller the cost of materials.
Q:What is this????
Go to a wheel alignment,suspension shop and let those mechanics take a look at the problem. Either a ball joint, or a CVJoint. . These mechanics specialize in under the car repair. It is an eyeball thing not a letter writing thing.
Q:I need 3 metaphors that have aliteration in it?
Ask me after mass where we talk about Jesus driving the merchants out of the temple, then we have the weekly Bingo game afterwards.
Q:Food for thought my YC friends. What resources would you have or organize in an event of a home fire? We had one. And not much resources avaiable to us, accept a few dollars in our bank accounts, a check coming in from work, food in the food pantry and a hotel nearby. What a Christmas this has been. What must we do to survive such a senario or any kind of emergency/s? Please get your self ready . A worry friend.
I feel yer pain, man. I feel it. I usually take a healthy wiz somewhere around 3-4 in the morning. Followed by a nice dump somewhere around 4-5 in the morning. I just wish I'd wake up before 7am. Do ya see what I be sayin, mang? Are ya feelin my pain?
Q:Can a lightning rod be made of a hollow stainless steel tube? Is it better to use the wires or other lines? Do not want to use iron ah, iron rust ah!
A hollow stainless steel tube can be used to make the lightning rod. The ground is full of cables.

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