Beautiful Scissors with Multi-function and Good Looking

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Beautiful Scissors with Multi-function and Good Looking

Product Specification:

Item No.:S003                                         
Discription:Student Scissors
Size(mm): 133
Material:Stainless steel 2CR14,Blade 1.5mm,PP+TPR handle
Packing:Each pc in a polybag
FOB Port:Tianjin
Sample Time:7 days
Lead Time:40 days after the confirmation of the order
Payment Term:T/T,L/C
Price Validity:30 days

Beautiful Scissors with Multi-function and Good Looking

Beautiful Scissors with Multi-function and Good Looking




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FDA Standard Multifunction Kitchen Scissor

How to Care:

1.Sharpen little and often to retain the sharpness of the blade.

2.Hand washing is advised using warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.

3.Handle with care.

4.Cut on wooden or plastic chopping boards to avoid blunting the knife edge.

4.Best stored in a block, on a magnetic knife rack or in a canvas roll where the blades are prevented from knocking against one another and causing damage.

5.Tip are sharp, store out of the reach of children


1. Bandage cutter, nurse scissors, utility shears

2. Quality Baldes for Nursing use and military first aid using

3. Mutli-Function Powerful scssors available to cut Leather, Plastic, Sheet Metal,Wire , Aluminum, Seat Belt, Cloth..etc.

4. Sharp blades with  teeth to be accurately cut and prevent sliding

5. High quality guaranteed    

6. Delivery:   35-50      days    

7. Place of production : China/mainland

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Q:Why do you use scissors to cut your nails? Why do you cut them with nails instead of cutting them?
Under the action of such external force, the deformation characteristics of the member are that the cross section of the two force is the boundary line, and the two part of the member is relatively deformed along the plane. This deformation form of a component is called shear, and its cross section is a shear plane.
Q:How can I disassemble the scissors?
If the U plate scissors, you can know that the blade is riveted with rivets, remove rivets, as long as the drill bit to turn off the rivets, and then pull out the rivet, the blade can be taken out.
Q:What are the types of paper cutting?
Some people believe that the classification should be based on the use of paper, which can be divided into:(1): decorative affixed to its substrate for appreciation or increase its beauty of the paper-cut, such as window(2) custom categories: for worship, prayer, a disaster, cowardly evil, poison paper-cut, such as door(3) die type: used for stencil, printing and dyeing of paper cutting, such as embroidered manuscript(4) design class: to increase the beauty of things, or to promote its paper-cut, such as film or television titles
Q:Is sheep's hair firm or soft?
How to grasp the contradiction between softness and firmness is indeed a technical problem, but generally reliable brand-name products are better.Of course, as long as the proper maintenance problems encountered the ball out of the way. Xie Lingshan said, cashmere sweater at the beginning of wear, usually will have a slight pilling, can be gently cut off with scissors, and should not be pulled by hand, so as not to damage the fiber, there is a hole. The manufacturer will spare box with a yarn, such as touch hole or line etc., available spare yarn to manufacturers or store customer service repair service.
Q:Why don't you cut your cat's mustache?
The cat's beard has a very fine nerve at the root, and when it touches an object, it can feel it is a special sense organ. The beard helps the cat feel the surroundings in secret. Usually walking and running, it also relies on a beard to sense the objects around it.Especially in the mouse, the cat beard can help control the size of holes, therefore, help the cat catching mice, the cat is beard "detectors", and "cat meter", which can provide a lot of convenience for the cat. So you can't cut a cat's beard.
Q:Is scissors considered a control tool?
1: hilt: refers to the knife is used to hold the part.2, knife (block) lattice: refers to the knife used to isolate with the knife handle part.3, refers to the knife blade to complete the cut, cut, stab and other functions of the part.4, blood slot: refers to a special groove on the blade.5, tip angle: refers to the blade and the blade (or the other side of the blade on the tip apex distance) 10 mm tip point and vertex form angle.6, the edge (edge): refers to the blade to cut, cut, cut side, general edge thickness less than 0.5 mm7, tool chamfer: refers to the knife point has the degree of arc.
Q:How do you prune an orange tree? What season is it trimmed? (
Prune: a broad cut covering trimming, tree bearing, and cutting branches. The narrow pruning is to reasonably pruning, by pruning, pruning, disbudding, twisted branches, twist tip, bud tip, put root cutting, girdling, bracing, pull, hanging and other means, or growth regulators, chemical agents and the role of regulating the growth of citrus and the tree is reached and the structure of the.
Q:How does the CAD shear block hide the boundary line?
The specific method is: the association of hidden, in the foreground object (a closed area need to be hidden within the region, after confirming the object line) to hide in the choice, if you can not hide the object to edit. Two dimensional hidden, select hidden invisible edges, and then the way to keep up with similar, you first try it, remember to look at the following command bar prompts.
Q:How do you use the AI scissors tools?
The knife is in the object for open operation, just like a real knife on paper cut as. The object can be cut apart in any shape.
Q:How to teach children to use scissors safely?
The choice of scissors, with the size and strength of the child's palm, choose the size, weight, suitable scissors.

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