100% Right-hand Scissors with Good Quality

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100% Right-and scissors with good quality





Cuticle, Nail

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Stainless Steel

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Right-Handed Scissors



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China (Mainland)

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professional cuticle scissors




pvc box




100% Right-hand Scissors with Good Quality

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100% Right-hand Scissors with Good Quality

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100% Right-hand Scissors with Good Quality

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Q:You can cut the root of bamboo
Fuguizhu bring prosperity "to the people of this plant, and lush, green, clean air, very suitable for the cultivation of Home Furnishing furnishings decorations, simple and clean, you can feed a bottle of water, it is easy, but to pay attention to the following details in order to keep the better!
Q:Let the train take the scissors?
Through security machine every day they will detect many prohibited dangerous items, such as scissors, knives, mousse etc.
Q:How to cut the wire joint?
First of all, prepare a number of crystal head, crystal head, that is, RJ-45, crystal head in the ordinary computer store can be bought at random, but also not expensive, a 50 fen.
Q:How to cut the center VideoStudio video?
You have to cut it into the video in the video track find you will start pruning the video, in the time axis corresponding to the click will see a white line here, and then move the cursor to the video, the cursor "+" type, and then put on a white line, right click inside a partition the material point once you will find a complete video is divided into 2 parts.
Q:What is the difference between frame shear structure and frame structure?
The frame structure consists of beam column structure, smaller section component, so the structure bearing capacity and stiffness is low, its force characteristics similar to the vertical cantilever shear beam, the higher floors, the horizontal displacement of the slower frame are subjected to horizontal force, the two directions of this, cast as the work floor beam, prefabricated floor effect is not considered, the frame structure of the wall is filled wall, separated from the envelope and the function characteristics of frame structure is to provide a flexible use of space for the building, but the poor seismic performance.
Q:What is the number of shear planes in the ordinary bolt problem of steel structures?
Steel bolt is a kind of high strength bolt, and it is also a kind of standard component. Fastening performance is better, used for steel structure, engineering, so that the role of fastening. The general steel structure, steel structure bolt requirements are more than 8.8, and level 10.9, level 12.9, all steel structure high strength bolts, sometimes bolt on steel structure is not required for electroplating, the use of color OK.
Q:Want to ask, eyebrow blade, scissors (shear pins, eyes Peter scissors) can be checked?
Domestic aircraft baggage instructions:"Passengers are not allowed to take control of the tool.". Outside the control of the tool or blunt with checked baggage should be checked and can not carry. Charging treasure can not be checked. Prohibited articles to restrict the transport goods, dangerous goods, and other articles with smell or easily defaced aircraft, can not be used as luggage or with checked baggage."
Q:How can I cut the curtain hole with scissors?
Are you talking about the hole in the ring at the top of the curtain? First, you draw each point, then fold the cloth diagonally, and use scissors to cut the size of the hole you need
Q:What is paper cutting?
Paper cutting is a folk art form which has a long history and is widely spread in rural china. The paper-cut, is a paper cut into a variety of patterns with scissors, such as window, door, wall, ceiling, snuff, flowers etc.. This kind of folk art with the emergence and spread Chinese rural festivals and customs are closely related, the holidays or the wedding celebration, often with the word "double happiness", the beautiful bright paper-cut posted on the white wall or bright windows and doors, the lantern festival atmosphere will be fine, very rich festive rendering. The art of paper cutting is a traditional folk art of the Han nationality. It has a long history and a long history. It is the treasure of Chinese folk art and has become a treasure trove of the world's art treasure. That simple, vivid and interesting artistic style has a unique artistic charm. Its characteristics are mainly reflected in the two-dimensional concept of space, knife taste, paper sense, lines and decorations, freehand brushwork and implication, and many other aspects.
Q:Can a turtle have his nails cut?
Because when it eats, it will tear the prey with its hands and then eat it again. When it is prey, it is also bitten by the hand and bitten by the mouth. Go, it is equal to the loss of this function, catching food is relatively weak. So it's good to decide whether to cut or not.

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