100% Right-hand Scissors with Good Quality

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100% Right-and scissors with good quality





Cuticle, Nail

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Blade Material:

Stainless Steel

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Right-Handed Scissors



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China (Mainland)

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professional cuticle scissors




pvc box




100% Right-hand Scissors with Good Quality

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100% Right-hand Scissors with Good Quality

sample delivery:100% Right-hand Scissors with Good Quality

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100% Right-hand Scissors with Good Quality

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Q:How do I remove rust from the scissors?
If the scissors are rusty, you can use the following methods:1. with fine sandpaper in the rust and polishing can be hard at the surface to remove rust.2., in the container into a small amount of vinegar, and then the scissors into which, the use of weak acid to rust.3., the scissors can be soaked in Taomi Shui half an hour to an hour, and then take out, wipe with a cloth, generally can play a role in rust. If the effect is not good, repeat it several times.
Q:How can I cut the curtain hole with scissors?
Many stores have a free hanging curtain service, the main question why I cut it, and some companies to maintain the curtain but life, anyway, some of my friends are in a buy, door-to-door service, free installation, no need to do it yourself
Q:What's the difference between a flat cut for haircut and an ordinary pair of scissors at home?
In short, the hair scissors open relative to nearly parallel, cut hair is not slippery, ordinary scissors open angle large, shear hair slip, not easy to cut, low efficiency.
Q:What are the types of paper cutting?
Because each person's point of view conforms to the basis, the paper-cut classification is also different. For example, some people think that carved out of a knife is not cut, and should be called engravedpaper; but that trace to its source, the ancient paper cutting scissors Lou Daoke is, let alone cut is also a "cutter" is another name, why Daoke it cannot be called the paper-cut? In fact, the shear traces of Lou Daoke there are differences, the application of the technique is also difficulty, therefore, the world that works with scissors and be known as paper cutting works, and still regarded as a pure carving paper-cut, so paper-cut classification have paper-cut, carved paper.
Q:What's the difference between pet scissors and upturned scissors?
Pet dog scissors to trim up finishing, those bad pruning places, such as the dog's eye brows face, buttocks and thighs next to the dog, with upturned scissors, can be very good pruning, novice is also easy to use.
Q:The difference between AI scissors tools and knife tools
Scissors operate on paths that interrupt the path and operate only on paths.
Q:Why don't you cut your cat's mustache?
The cat's whiskers have tiny nerves at the root, which touch the object a little. Therefore, some people liken it to the tentacles of a snail and act as a radar.
Q:How to cut the wire joint?
First of all, prepare a number of crystal head, crystal head, that is, RJ-45, crystal head in the ordinary computer store can be bought at random, but also not expensive, a 50 fen.
Q:What is shear resistance, stress?
Some of the materials in the work, the external force does not change with time, then the internal stress of the same size, called the static stress; there are some materials, the force changes periodically with time, then the internal stress also periodically with time change, called alternating stress. The failure of materials under alternating stresses is called fatigue failure. Usually the material is subjected to alternating stress is far less than the static ultimate strength, failure may occur. In addition, the material may cause a partial increase in stress due to the change of sectional size. This phenomenon is called stress concentration. For homogeneous brittle materials, stress concentration will greatly reduce the strength of components, which should be paid special attention to in the design of components.
Q:How to cut the center VideoStudio video?
You have to cut it into the video in the video track find you will start pruning the video, in the time axis corresponding to the click will see a white line here, and then move the cursor to the video, the cursor "+" type, and then put on a white line, right click inside a partition the material point once you will find a complete video is divided into 2 parts.

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