Multi-function Scissors with Good Looking

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Multi-function scissors with Good looking 



Pinking Scissors,Sewing Scissors,Tailor Scissors,Zig Zag Scissors,Lacer Scissors,Cloth Scissors,Scissors

Products Basic Information:


Item NO.



High Quality

Size:    8-1/2"

Blade Material: stainless steel 2Cr13

Handle Material:PP+TPR

Food Safety

This product complies with LFGB Certification

Packing Available

1.Each pc in 1 pp bag
2.PP bag/PVC bag/ blister card/Single Blister card/Double Blister Card/Opp bag/White Box/Color Box etc.

3. can desgin as you want


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 30 days



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  1. Office scissors Perfect for shredding paper,bills,private documents,etc.

  2. Kitchen scissors Can be used in kitchen for vegetables,salads,herbs,and even for shredding pasta

  3. Tailor scissor perfect for cutting various cloth.

  4. Hair scissors used for cutting hair

  5. Garden scissors can be used in garden for tree ,leaf,weeds etc.

  6. Candle scissor can be use for cutting the candle.

  7. Simple and fast

Multi-function Scissors with Good Looking

Multi-function Scissors with Good Looking

Multi-function Scissors with Good Looking

How to Care:

1.Sharpen little and often to retain the sharpness of the blade.

2.Hand washing is advised using warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.

3.Handle with care.

4.Cut on wooden or plastic chopping boards to avoid blunting the knife edge.

4.Best stored in a block, on a magnetic knife rack or in a canvas roll where the blades are prevented from knocking against one another and causing damage.

5.Tip are sharp, store out of the reach of children

Multi-function Scissors with Good Looking

Multi-function Scissors with Good Looking


Pinking Scissors,Sewing Scissors,Kitchen Scissors,Office Scissors, ,Stationery Scissors, Student Scissors ,Safety Scissors,School Scissors,Household Scissors,Barber Scissors,Tailor Scissors,Hair scissors,garden scissors,herb scissors and so on.


Multi-function Scissors with Good Looking

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Multi-function Scissors with Good Looking

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Q:How to store medical scissors and forceps?
Soaking is the use of glutaraldehyde, but now that it is polluting the environment, the hospital does not let use, depressed
Q:How do I remove rust from the scissors?
Put some detergent on the scissors or remove the rust powder, then wet the cork of the red wine, then put the cork on the scissors and rub it back. Rinse it with water and dry it.
Q:Is scissors considered a control tool?
1. Dagger: single edged, double edged or multi edged sharp knife with a knife handle, a knife case and a blood groove with a tool angle of less than 60 degrees2, three edged scraper: with three cutting edge of the machining tool.Spring knife 3, with self-locking device (knife blade): start or pop-up, can be handle in spring or folding tool card lock fixed lock.
Q:Why do you use scissors to cut your nails? Why do you cut them with nails instead of cutting them?
Under the action of such external force, the deformation characteristics of the member are that the cross section of the two force is the boundary line, and the two part of the member is relatively deformed along the plane. This deformation form of a component is called shear, and its cross section is a shear plane.
Q:You can cut the root of bamboo
Fuguizhu bring prosperity "to the people of this plant, and lush, green, clean air, very suitable for the cultivation of Home Furnishing furnishings decorations, simple and clean, you can feed a bottle of water, it is easy, but to pay attention to the following details in order to keep the better!
Q:Grinding scissors how to sharpening only sharp, grinding slope is a little better?
As a pair of scissors, it is better to wear a smaller slope (i.e., a larger angle), so that the blade is thicker, harder and more durable.
Q:What do you mean by bending, shearing and tensile?
This is the three term for three mechanical properties. The bending deflection, the actual name, is a measure of material stress after deformation resistance; shear, shear, actual impact energy, is a measure of material toughness; tensile tensile strength, namely, this is very easy to understand, is a measure of the ability of the materials under tension.
Q:The three forms of shear failure of reinforced concrete structures and their failure characteristics are discussed
Diagonal compression failure: when the shear span ratio is very small (usually is less than or equal to 1), occurrence of baroclinic destruction. The destruction is characterized in abdominal load and bearing beam between a plurality of substantially parallel ventral shear crack, with the increase of load, the beam abdomen was divided into a plurality of oblique oblique crack to the compression of the "short column", finally along the diagonal compression failure, diagonal crack damage and thick. The baroclinic destruction is very sudden, belongs to brittle failure type, the bearing capacity than the shear compression failure.
Q:The characteristics of paper cutting
Regional style paper-cut itself is: North South paper-cut is rough, paper-cut delicate. Different style, different features. There are two kinds of color and monochrome paper-cut paper-cut. At the moment, and monochrome paper-cut carved, engraved, color paper-cut silhouette of yin and Yang. Divided into dyeing paper-cut, lining color paper cutting, coloring paper, color paper cutting the color, color paper cutting, paper cutting, paper cutting, paper-cut color laminated color variety.
Q:What are the art features of paper cutting?
Paper cutting is a hollowed out art and the most popular folk art, visually giving people a sense of empty and artistic enjoyment. Its carrier can be paper, gold and silver foil, bark, leaves, cloth, leather, leather and other sheet materials

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