Mutlti-funcional Household Scissors Made in China

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Mutlti-funcional Household Scissors Made in China


New design multi-functional scissors with soft grip handle, and great for household shearing 

Size: 8.5" 

M.O.Q.: 5000pcs

Size: 9"


Handle:  PP+TPR plastic

Blade: 420 stainless steel with 3.0mm

Available in different handle colors

with a bottle opener on blade

Packing:  PP bag/blister card  etc.

Mutlti-funcional Household Scissors Made in China

Mutlti-funcional Household Scissors Made in China


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Mutlti-funcional Household Scissors Made in China


24cm, thickness:1.5mm


 stainless steel, TPR+plastic handle 


 each one in polybag







 33 cm  x 24 cm  x 23 cm / 72pcs

N.W. / G.W.(KGS):



7 days


45 days after confirmed order(the exact delivery time will be depend on the order date.)





Mutlti-funcional Household Scissors Made in China

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Q:What do you mean by bending, shearing and tensile?
This is the three term for three mechanical properties. The bending deflection, the actual name, is a measure of material stress after deformation resistance; shear, shear, actual impact energy, is a measure of material toughness; tensile tensile strength, namely, this is very easy to understand, is a measure of the ability of the materials under tension.
Q:What does "heavy cut" mean?
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Q:What is the difference between frame shear structure and frame structure?
Frame shear structure, which is the combination of two systems of frame structure and shear wall structure, absorbs the advantages of both. It can not only provide more space for the layout of the building, but also have good lateral resistance. The shear walls in the frame shear structure can be individually set up, and also can be used in elevators, staircases, pipelines and other walls.
Q:What's the difference between a flat cut for haircut and an ordinary pair of scissors at home?
Two kinds of scissors lever fulcrum is different, scissors open angle, the area is not the same,
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Q:How do these little scissors sharpen?
Is it better to find a professional?,
Q:What is paper cutting?
Paper cutting is a folk art form which has a long history and is widely spread in rural china. The paper-cut, is a paper cut into a variety of patterns with scissors, such as window, door, wall, ceiling, snuff, flowers etc.. This kind of folk art with the emergence and spread Chinese rural festivals and customs are closely related, the holidays or the wedding celebration, often with the word "double happiness", the beautiful bright paper-cut posted on the white wall or bright windows and doors, the lantern festival atmosphere will be fine, very rich festive rendering. The art of paper cutting is a traditional folk art of the Han nationality. It has a long history and a long history. It is the treasure of Chinese folk art and has become a treasure trove of the world's art treasure. That simple, vivid and interesting artistic style has a unique artistic charm. Its characteristics are mainly reflected in the two-dimensional concept of space, knife taste, paper sense, lines and decorations, freehand brushwork and implication, and many other aspects.
Q:What's the difference between pet scissors and upturned scissors?
Pet dog scissors to trim up finishing, those bad pruning places, such as the dog's eye brows face, buttocks and thighs next to the dog, with upturned scissors, can be very good pruning, novice is also easy to use.

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