New Design Scissors(OEM/ODM,FDA,LFGB) Made in China

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New Design Scissors(OEM/ODM,FDA,LFGB) Made in China


Household Scissors 
1) Good quality with low price 
2) Fresh color handle for choose 
3) Good sell and easy use

New Design Scissors(OEM/ODM,FDA,LFGB) Made in China

New Design Scissors(OEM/ODM,FDA,LFGB) Made in China

Item NO.



High Quality

Size:    8-1/2"

Blade Material: stainless steel 2Cr13

Handle Material:PP+TPR

Food Safety

This product complies with LFGB Certification

Packing Available

1.Each pc in 1 pp bag
2.PP bag/PVC bag/ blister card/Single Blister card/Double Blister Card/Opp bag/White Box/Color Box etc.

3. can desgin as you want


 For free

Delivery Detail

 30 days



Payment Item


New Design Scissors(OEM/ODM,FDA,LFGB) Made in China

Packing :

PP BAG,Blister card,Tie card,Color box,try me card,windox box,PVC box,Display box and so on.Actually is up to your requested.

How to Care:

1.Sharpen little and often to retain the sharpness of the blade.

2.Hand washing is advised using warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.

3.Handle with care.

4.Cut on wooden or plastic chopping boards to avoid blunting the knife edge.

4.Best stored in a block, on a magnetic knife rack or in a canvas roll where the blades are prevented from knocking against one another and causing damage.

5.Tip are sharp, store out of the reach of children

New Design Scissors(OEM/ODM,FDA,LFGB) Made in China

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Q:About hydraulic scissors and bike locks?
For example, the thief has a knife head, a diamond cutter head scissors, and scissors body is the best alloy material, then what locks he can cut. This is the relationship between a spear and a shield. In fact, the most feasible way is, you go to buy a chain diameter greater than 20mm locks. The thief cannot cut it because the opening of the largest hydraulic scissors is only 20mm.
Q:What's the difference between cut and copy?
Cut is to put your selected information into the clipboard, and then click "copy" and then add one more copy. After cutting, there is no information in the original place.
Q:How do you cut your face with a thread?
With a length of about 50 cm white lines, with the teeth side head, left hand hold the other end, right hand thumb and forefinger around a circle, and then left the line around a few times, the formation of elastic ease triangle, tightly roll surface of the face, hands pulled around by turns, the rolling twisting force, will be able to easily remove the hair, make the skin becomes radiant.
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Q:Which brand of PPR scissors is best used?
Dozens of blocks and a few blocks are almost the same when new it with a number of adverse phenomenon appeared incision expensive really feel distressed or with a $8 although not 30-50 yuan can still use the heavy and light is not the same price of the other will know not as good as
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Q:How do I remove rust from the scissors?
If the scissors are rusty, you can use the following methods:1. with fine sandpaper in the rust and polishing can be hard at the surface to remove rust.2., in the container into a small amount of vinegar, and then the scissors into which, the use of weak acid to rust.3., the scissors can be soaked in Taomi Shui half an hour to an hour, and then take out, wipe with a cloth, generally can play a role in rust. If the effect is not good, repeat it several times.
Q:How did the paper-cut come from?
As early as in the Han and Tang Dynasties, the folk that is useful for women's silver and gold color silk cut flower wins, attached to the temples forThe fashion of ornaments. Eventually, in the festival, with colored paper cut into a variety of flowers, or animal characters, posted on the window (called "window"), the top (called "door") as a decoration, but also as a gift or decoration used embroidery patterns.
Q:What is paper cutting?
Also known as paper cutting, paper cutting, is a hollow art. It is one of the oldest folk art of Han nationality in china. It visually gives people an empty feeling and artistic enjoyment. The carrier of paper cutting can be paper, gold and silver foil, bark, leaves, cloth and leather. Is the most representative of the northern Shanxi Jiang Ping paper-cut, multicolor, color, color become beautiful, forming a "Jane for multiplication, summation, and seek special" color and color art language in propagation
Q:Cutter blade material
The working principle and structure of a shearing machine, usually used to cut the edge of a plate with a straight edge. The shearing process shall guarantee the straightness and straightness requirements of the sheared surface of the sheared sheet, and minimize distortion of the sheet to achieve high quality workpieces.Plate shearing machine belongs to a kind of forging machinery, and the main function is metal processing industry.

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