Adjustable Hacksaw Frame with Plastic Handle SJ-0128B

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$3.80 - 16.80 / pc
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1000 pc
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1000000 pc/month

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Product Description:

 Metal Hacksaw Frame
1.Metal handle
2.Square tubular.heavy duty.
4.Packing:polybag packin


Adjustable saw frame:8"/10"/12",
surface treadment:chrome plating, plastic spraying, corrosion resistance,with non-slip handle.
Saw blade:18TPI,carbon steel product whole steel structure, with non-slip handle. Can cut steel, wood, plastic stool rod type, durable   


2016 factory supply with  high quality all kinds of manual hacksaw frame,adjustable hack saw frame and solid type hacksaw frame
products details:
1)mainly size:8"-12"
2)blade length:200-300mm
3)we have wooden handle ,plastic handle,TPR handle,steel handle,and  aluminium alloy handle and so on for your choose
4)blade material is high quality 45# carbon steel
5)we have square tube and round tube hacksaw and so on.
6)we have adjustable hacksaw frame and non-adjustable hacksaw frame and also produce Inclined saw cabinet .
7)all specifications could be custonized
8)quality could be guaranteed.
9we could supply you with lowest price on the basis of good quality and fast delivery.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

We can supply the sampe for inspect,but the sample cost and freight paid by customers
We have a special team for oversea marketing service,if there is any query,please feel free to contact with us.



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Q:How do you break the spring?
Spring is the whole to have elastic, saw saw spring, but only at a point, the elasticity will not affect. Just pull it apart and secure the ends of the saw.
Q:How to use wood cutting machine to cut 45 degrees angle and 45 degrees of yin and yang angle?
45 degrees of yin / Yang corner is generally used in the field of decoration, used in the corner of the building docking angle, now the general large-scale cutting machine is angle scale,
Q:How to adjust the carburetor?
Check the oil filter, oil filter head, can put your head off, restart chainsaw experiment is normal, if the troubleshooting, prove the oil filter head is clogged, please be patient for cleaning oil filter head. The metal filter screen in the oil filter head can not be removed, so as to prevent water from clogging the oil filter head.
Q:Why oil and gas chainsaw logging can be used for mixing
Because the chain saw most cases is the need for a hand to work, take this factor into consideration, the chain saw engine in most cases is required to power and weight can not be too heavy for handheld operation.
Q:Which is better for saw blade, alternating tooth ladder or flat tooth?
The whole tooth tooth alternately around the turn, is used in the wood. The ladder tooth, generally used for cutting aluminum. So choose what kind of tooth shape is based on what cutting material to choose, and not good or bad points.
Q:By sawing to sawn wood, saw after the hand touch the blade, what would you feel? Why?
The saw blade glows. Because used to saw wood, friction between saw blade and plank, overcome the friction work, the mechanical energy into internal energy, the saw blade temperature rises, so saw after hand touch the blade will feel hot.
Q:How to protect the Chun tree branches after cutting off the scent
However, note that the next time you saw branches, not in the rainy day, or when the sun saw a not too much sawed off branches, otherwise, it is easy to hurt regeneration.
Q:Chainsaw, chain saw, saw and saw their difference in gas?
Chainsaw, chain saw, saw the difference between gas and oil:Chainsaw, also known as "power saw, saw with electricity as the driving force, cutting tool for cutting wood, stone, steel, sharp edge. Split, stationary and portable saw blades are made of tool steel, round, strip, and chain like.
Q:The circular saw is very difficult and still smoking when cutting wood. What's the matter?
Serrated opening is small, that is, sawtooth left one, the right one (terminology): small opening, easy to clamp saw, but also easy to saw blade and material friction, heating, smoke!
Q:Chain saw felling clip saw why
Because you want a knife to cut off the tree, you have to open a tin, want to fall on the first tree where the tree in which side is a small triangle, then the triangle cutting across the board will not clip saw

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