TCT hole saw(Thick metal) HTTS-B D.O.C. 1

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D.O.C.  1” 

Made of high quality solide carbide tips , reduce the damage of tips , increase the endurance

Assembled with high quality center drill and spring

Maxium cutting depth of 15mm on solid plate with pistol drill , and 25mm on solid plate with magnetic drills

Shank diameter 10mm for hole saw Φ16mm~34mm , and Shank diameter 13mm for hole saw Φ35mm~100mm.


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Q:What's the difference between a twist drill and an impact drill?
Percussive drills work by rotating and impacting. A single shock is very slight, but a shock frequency of more than 40000 minutes per minute can produce continuous force. Used of natural stones or concrete. When the impact drill works, the drill chuck is provided with an adjusting knob, which can be adjusted in two ways: an ordinary hand drill and an impact drill. But the impact of drilling is the use of internal gear to achieve mutual beat of impact, but the impact is far less than the hammer. It is not suitable for drilling reinforced concrete.
Q:Why can't the tap be nitrided? Drill bits are available.
Because the tap material is high speed steel, the cutting line speed is too low, coating cost performance is not high. So previous coatings were used less.
Q:What brand of drill iron?
A drill for drilling ironThe drill material is usually made of high speed tool steel or carbide, and high speed steel is often used in the factory. When drilling, it will be added coolant according to the different materials and rotating speed.
Q:Relationship between bit diameter and rotation speed
If the bit is drilled at a low velocity, the drilling efficiency will be low due to the low line speed, and the drill bit will be easily broken due to the small size and the small strength of the drill bit. But because the bit in drilling, large diameter, high speed, line speed will be very high, the bit will be very easy to damage on sticky steel drill.
Q:Which is better, a white drill or a black drill?
Color is not directly related to quality. High quality, fully ground, high-speed steel drills often appear in white. Of course, the rolling bit can also be made white by grinding the outer circle. The reason is that high quality, in addition to the material itself, in the process of grinding quality control is quite strict, the tool surface will not appear burns. Black is an oxygen treated drill. It is a chemical method to increase the durability of the tool after placing the cutting tool in a mixture of ammonia and water vapor and after 540-560C degrees of thermal insulation.
Q:1.6mm iron plate, what drill can drill holes? You can drill?
As long as the choice of the right angle drill, drill or hand drill in effect is the same.
Q:The threaded hole M5 general drill big bottom
General drilling screw threads diameter can be directly check the manual or by the following formula:Brittle materials (cast iron, bronze): bore diameter D=d (thread outside diameter) -1.1P (pitch)Plastic material (steel, copper, etc.): drilling hole diameter D=d (L thread diameter) -P (pitch)
Q:The basic angle of twist drill
The front angle is 2, and the front angle is the projection angle of the two main cutting edges on the plane parallel to them. A small sharp angle easily cut workpiece, axial force is small, and the cutting edge length increases, cutting nominal thickness decreases, conducive to heat dissipation and improve tool life; if the front angle is too small, then the bit intensity of deformation increases, the torque is increased, the breakage of the drill bit. Therefore, a reasonable front angle should be sharpened according to the strength and hardness of the workpiece material. The front angle of the standard twist drill is 2 and phi is 118 degrees
Q:Cobalt containing special stainless steel drill bit, 4mm angle, do not move?
No matter what drill, the head must be sharpened! The small drill can be struck because the front edge is well sharpened! And 8.5 of the drill bit can not drill through, because the drilling side of the two cutting edges did not grind out (front angle is lower than the back angle, resulting in non cutting! To grind to the rear corner, lower than the front corner!!!!!!!!. When the drill bit blade grinding, drilling 4mm angle, is very fast, also don't add coolant! (head color change, drill when there is a cry, two sides do not chip out, all the drill bit did not wear well), grinding drill bit is a learning, learning is not difficult. Learn to grind the drill bit and drill around with the 10mm to see the edges.
Q:How do you drill a sharpening bit?
The blade is fixed against the wheel surface." This is the first step between the bit and the grinding wheel, and it is often the students who have not cut the edges of the blade, so they start sharpening on the grinding wheel. It must be hard to wear. The blade here"The mouth" is the main cutting edge, and the "cut out" means the main cutting edge of the grinding part is in the horizontal position. "Wheel surface" refers to the surface of the grinding wheel. "By" means slowly moving closer. The drill cannot contact the grinding wheel at this time.

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