Terrestrial Heat Wood Grain Floor Panel Series

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Terrestrial Heat  Wood Grain Floor Panel Series

Size:1100*150*15   910*125*15   910*125*15

Brief Introduction:

It’s made of natural inorganic synthesized polymer materials. It adopts special low environmental protection technology and realizes one-time formation, no pollution and recyclable. Diversified surface treatment technology makes the different style of the decorative effect.

Application: modern decoration style; family decoration; villa; public office area etc.


Excellent performance: This product has characteristics of waterproof, fireproof, high strength, good wear resistance, no deformation, anti-skid, comfortable foot feeling, acid and alkali resistance, insect prevention, high temperature resistance, fast heat conduction, which is the first choice of energy-saving building panel.

1.  Environmental protection: Anti-bacterial, without formaldehyde and other harmful gas emission, but it also can be recycled and manufacturing.

2.  Fast heat conduction: With fast heating, Shu naide Microlite floor panel usually just need 15 minutes, which can feel higher temperature obviously, and its heating rate is several times than other materials.

3.  Long time of heat storage: It is took the hollow design, base isolation, with good thermal insulation effect.

4.  Energy saving: The microlite floor panel with good thermal conductivity, which used for electric heating, water heating, can achieve the ideal temperature in short time. It can store heat for a long time and can be recycled without formaldehyde and radiation.


Terrestrial Heat  Wood Grain Floor Panel Series

Terrestrial Heat  Wood Grain Floor Panel Series

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