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Cooling towers is a water cooling device, in which water with air flow through the heat, mass transfer, causes the water drop;It is widely used in air-conditioning circulating water system and industrial circulating water system.In some cases, water treatment is one of the important performance of cooling towers, cooling effect when choosing the cooling tower, main consideration cooling degree, and the wet bulb temperature of the cooling water to see if there is special requirements, usually installed in the ventilation and a better place.

Use of cooling towers and cooling.: cooling water cooling water tower structure on the top of the tower by spraying pipe down, the other water tower wall has a hair dryer, blow into the air, and the top has a large exhaust fan, the air extraction tower, thus conducive to air flow, accelerate water cooling.In spraying pipe above and below are twists and turns of hollow out PVC plastic cooling plate is separated, in order to increase water droplets of cooling time.Designed such a shape should be hyperbolic shape is conducive to water and air convection heat transfer.

All the above cooling towers are energy saving type. Because the motor capacity is lower than the cooling towers of the same kind, the water

temperature for low noised and super low noised cooling tower is 3~8°C, which is suitable for the cooling air conditioner.
      Super low noised cooling tower is based on more noise control on low noised cooling tower, whose standard noise value is 5dB(A) lower than corresponding noise value. It is suitable for the places which has high requirement for noise, such as hotel, hospital, public area and the places which are near the living area.
      Water temperature for industrial type, that is mid & high temperature cooling towers is 10~25°C. Tower diameter, wind volume, wind pressure, capacity, height of packing are increase for this kind of towers. It is suitable for the cooling of industrial water.


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