XT/ZBW series intelligence combined transformer substation

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XT/ZBW series intelligence combined transformer substation

XT/ZBW series intelligence combined transformer substation

To meet the actual demand for power automated nowadays, we have added “Four Remote” intelligent communication function for this kind of product,‘Four Remote’includes telemetering, telecommand, telecontrol and remote regulating, which can be usedas RTU (Remote Transmit Unit).

Micro computer comprehensive protection in HV cabinet of the substation is used for detection of HV side system parameter, and protection and control of HV switch, whichuses CAN bus to communicate, normally the intelligent circuit breaker on LVside has Modbus protocol communication interface, CAN bus on HV side is transformed into 485 bus by protocol conversion module, which communicates with Modbus equipmenton LV side through 485 field bus.

After the wholesubstation achieves “Four Remote”, the background system in the control centercan monitor internal actual motion inside of substation on site and internal switchstatus in real time, and can change internal setting value of each deviceinside of substation and remote control switch at any time.

Wire communication ata traditional communication mode can be used if the substation and controlcenter are close enough. Beside this communication connection type, we alsoprovide GPRS wireless communication to achieve “Four Remote” by GPRS single,which exempt a large number of wire connections between control center andon-site equipments, great convenience to the installation and debugging works, there is no restrictionson installation site as long as GPRS single is available.

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if u have the ac on or other electrical equipment it will effect ur idle speed mainly when the ac cuts in adjust the idle speed slightly this is normal for it to do this when the electrical system is under load but u don't wont it to cut out so by adjusting the idle should compensate for this all so check ur plugs and leads replace if necessary
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The best idea would be to get a universal remote that either works over radio frequency (RF) or has the ability to add RF. Radio frequency does not work by line of site, it works through walls and typically has excellent range in compartion to IR or infared. Harmany by Logitech is worth looking into. These are superb activites based remotes.
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