Colorful Dyed Microfiber Plush Carpet

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Q:Rugs Riddance?
Rugs can be easily dyed to change colors using Rit Dye.
Q:NEW 100% heat-set emerlen pile rug has wrinkles (5' X 8') w/pad is on top of carpet. How do I get them out?
1- State your team and Record- Lakers (42-10) #2- What is a positive thing they did the first Half- Played defense very well in the first 7 games. #3. What can they Improve on for the Second Half- Play defense the rest of the way #4- Which Player has been the Most important and most consistent- Kobe and Pau. #5- Which Player is critical for your Team Success in the Second Half- Lamar Odom , Bynum is gonna be out. Odom needs to step up as he did the past couple weeks. The tough loss part the most heartbreaking one was the Troy Murphy tip in, I mean, yeah the Bobcats loss was bad, but you could already tell Lakers were gonna lose since Kobe had fouled out, but here, we are up one.. first guy misses the shot!! We win, and then BAM! a tip in. That just hurts.
Q:Rug Doctor cleaning solution?
When I ran out of the Rug Doctor solution, I used a laundry detergent instead. The reasoning was that other detergents (like for general cleaning or dishes) have high sufectant levels (soapy/bubbly) and you don't want bubbles in your Rug Doctor machine. I diluted it a lot, though, and relied more on hot water (boiled a pot, like for tea) than soap for the cleaning to work. However, I've found that Stanley Steemer was a better deal. They do all the work, plus their machines are so much more advanced than the Rug Doctors'. For the past year or two, I spot clean with retail treatments, then save my money so I can afford a good, professional scrub every 6 months or so.
Q:Carpet Stains..?
Q:I want to decorate my house with contemporary rugs?
If you’re looking for a contemporary accent piece for your home, shop our selection of modern area rugs and hall runners. We offer something for every style including stripes, solids, round rugs, multicolored rugs and oversized runners. If you have any questions regarding our contemporary rugs, please call our Customer Service Consultants!
Q:How to restore carpet color discoloration from a bleach spill?
I've told people a thousand times, keep the bleach in the laundry room. It is not only dangerous to get in the eye, but it will permanently damage any fabric it comes in contact with, outside the laundry room, that is. Call a store that sells carpeting to locate a person who can come out to your home and replace the damaged carpet. A piece of replacement can be obtained, quite possibly, from a closet. A similar color and texture can then be fitted into the closet.
Q:How do you deal with water stains on woolen carpets soaked in water?
Carpet stains, dirt classification:A. water-based and dry stains, dirtMost of carpet stains are water-based and dry substances, including dust, sand, starch, soft drinks, tea, fruit juice stains, dirt accounted for about 80%-85%, especially for fine dust, life and work off, mostly adhere to the carpet surface. Larger dirt particles fall into the supporting layer.B. oil base stains, dirt (which includes moving and vegetable oils, cosmetics, shoe polish, ballpoint pens, oils, etc.).C. protein base stains, dirt (which includes blood, vomiting, urine, food products), these two types of stains, dirt, accounting for about 15/20%.
Q:How to deal with the color of rose petals on the carpet?
You can only clean it by several times. There is no possibility to remove it one time by diluted oxalic acid. You must be careful that each time to clean it with a large amount of water, and the stain will be lighter after a time's cleaning, with a absorbent cloth to absorb water , repeat several times. One-time removal is impossible, you should ensure that the dilution will not make the carpet colors fall off
Q:How can I wash the ink off the carpet?
Grease pen with sticky clean cloth: colorless alcohol, will be dry wet carpet with a brush, comb Shun carpet texture.The carpet need frequent dust, because the dust accumulation on the carpet, will cause wear on the fiber, and make the color of the carpet becomes gloomy, on the staircase, lobby, corridors and frequent around places should be vacuum two to three times a week, the bedroom should also be at least once weekly vacuuming.
Q:Can you do a round throw rug with a round dinning room table?
i would do the square

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