Plain Dyed Microfiber Plush Carpet

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Q:Carpet cleaning... still wet?
This is bad news. You are going to get mold. I just learned about this the hard way. Get a fan or blower to speed up the drying. Have a pro check the pad for mold.
Q:What is this stain on my rug?
oh, I thought you were talking about a toupee!
Q:Can carpet be laid on wood floor, what will happen for a long time?
It can reduce the noise of the foot. To pay attention to cleaning the dust between the carpet and the floor, so as not to wear the floor surface Laying carpet on the wood floor is a common combination. That can not only protect the floor surface, but also is a very scientific way
Q:Anything good for brightening carpets?
I'm having the same problem and I just searched the net and found a place that recommended using hydrogen peroxide and it............. so tomorrow I'll buy some and try that. but if you find anything better than the shampooer please let me know too!!! My carpets are an off white and now look more like nicotine stains along the main walking paths! YUCK!!!
Q:How do I get my carpet cleaned?
Go to home depot and see if they have some sort of stain lifter that can get that out and then you might want to shampoo your carpet.
Q:carpet/hardwood floor question?
Sounds like you have asked a lot of good questions. Padding under carpet is even more important than the carpet itself. Whether you are buying the lower, middle or top end carpet, you should always buy the most expensive padding. It will make all the difference in the feel of the carpet as well as how it wears. And it is not that expensive. Hardwoods these days should be the pre-done floors that Bruce and all hardwood companies have been doing for years. Because they are cut and polyurethaned in house they are stronger and more durable than floors that are raw cut, laid, and only a couple of coats of poly done. When your contractor lays hardwood floors, they also lay the wood moldings.
Q:What is brushed the carpet
Which is also called the velour carpet is brushed or carpet; acupuncture machine processed; tufted carpet tufting machine for processing; do not know can speak clearly!
Q:Questions about rugs?
You don't NEED any kind of rugs. My horse gets a cotton sheet during the day to keep flies off as she gets nasty bites, a rainsheet I only use when it's raining and cold as she likes to stand out in the rain even though she has a shelter. If it's hot I don't bother, and a light winter blanket only because she was always blanketed before I got her. I tried to leave it to the last minute for her to grow her winter coat but she did not. If you feel that you must rug get something 600D+ at least, harder to rip.
Q:how fix pulled carpet...?
If it isn't torn, it might be able to be restretched and reattached to the edging....lift up the perimeter of the carpet and you should see a lath strip with tacks that hold the carpet. You can probably find instructions on the web and rent the equipment......simple device. The padding might be able to be taped back together. Zip over to pet section here on Yahoo and learn how to care for the pup. You may need to crate train the dog so it won't destroy the house when you are away. And when you are home, the dog is with you.....period. He's a member of the family.
Q:Remove carpet in mobile home ?
I would definitely remove the old carpet just because of the fact you said it feels dirty...carpet can collect all kinds of allergens and even make some people sick. Especially if there were pets in the house previously. For your health, remove the old carpet. As others suggested, there are options for you to lay the carpet w/ glue/tack strips. Also, Home Depot sometimes offers free carpet can see if you qualify.

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