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Product Description:

Quick Details

100% Polyester
modern fashion patterns
Solide color or With patterns
Hand Tufted
As per your request
Place of Origin:
Tianjin China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
150D shaggy carpets
150D korean polyester silk

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Roll in bale in the seperated polybag or as per your request
Delivery Detail:25-45days after deposit received


150D polyester shaggy carpets with pattern design
Material:100% polyester
Good quality &compeititve price

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Q:Carpet scent?
Carpet deoderiser.You can buy it in the cleaning aisle at your grocery store.
Q:The hotel chain is some ground floor, how carpeted? I thought whether joining the chain hotel.
PVC floor and wood floor contrast:Wood floors can be broadly divided into three categories: solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring.1. solid wood flooring is a natural material, has irreplaceable advantages, synthetic materials, non-toxic and tasteless, comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer. But it is expensive, hardwood resource consumption, the installation of heavy workload, difficult to maintain (fear of fire, fear of water, afraid of tide) and floor width direction produced larger size changes with changes in relative humidity.2., the appearance of solid wood composite flooring has the same beautiful wood texture as solid wood flooring, good dimensional stability, easy laying and maintenance. But still can not get rid of fear of fire, fear of water, afraid of the shortcomings of the tide, not as good as PVC flooring, environmental protection, abrasion resistance is less than PVC floor.3. strengthen the wooden floor substrates is medium or high density fiberboard and particleboard, good dimensional stability, the surface layer of impregnated decorative paper containing wear resistant materials, ensure the wear resistance of the surface layer of the cigarette burning resistance, scratch resistant and anti pollution performance, which is compared with the former two, and PVC super wear-resistant flooring and the anti pollution performance than there is a considerable gap.
Q:How to clean a giant rug?
Lets see: spraying will only mask the odor, not eliminate anything. The odor will come right back. Pressure washing... good idea in the basement, shouldn't take more that a month for the rug to dry, by which time everything in the basement will be covered in black mold, including you. Stain remover product???? lets see, stains on a black rug? no, actually you can see them if you go get a black light from somewhere. Urine glows under black light. Do yourself a favor, roll up the rug, and you and a couple of friends carry it outside into the rain, unroll it and let the rain soak thru it as long as possible. When it stops raining, roll it up with help and hang it over a fence or railing of some sort to dry. The rolling up makes it easier to handle and carry, otherwise you end up dragging it on the ground, and it gets filthy on the bottom. It will take a few days to dry. Meanwhile, go to your moms vet's office and ask them for the stuff that kills urine odor.The solution sold by vets is much better than anything you can buy at a pet store, my experience. You may want 2 bottles, because you are going to spray both sides of the rug with this stuff. Hopefully, you will saturate the urine from both sides and the chemical, which is actually a living enzyme solution, will eat the odor molecules. Be sure to give that wood floor a thorough washing with ammonia and hot water, and a mop.
Q:How to flat a carpet that is rolled?
The carpet wool can be pressed by furniture, and it also can be ironed.
Q:Gouache paint stuck on the carpet, how to get rid of?
Gouache is a powder pigment, water, and use toner and glue mixture, easy to clean, not like oil pigment that can not be washed out.
Q:Can anyone tell me how a bamboo area rug would do on carpet?
fyi ..bamboo rugs cannot be washed so anything that leaks through to the pad is permanent .. I use them in my bathroom and have to replace often for fear of mold... personally I love them .. they are extremely even and I thought maybe they would crack or break but no..extremely bendable.. I would say go for it ;)
Q:How much does a prayer rug cost?
Itay, There is a wide range of prices and qualities of hand-made products. Wool quality, wool quantity, the origin country of product, design of product, age of product, dye of product(natural dye, village dye, semisynthetic dye)are the factors on the prices of pruducts. If you bought the rug in a reputated store, with a little personal discount the price you paid is okay. If you bought the rug in the souq without bargin for 50% less then you paid to much. Take the rug to a professional and get an opinion. Btw: prices of handvooven rugs go also by how many knots the square meter. Why didn't you place this question under: Egypt? You definetley have not been to Saudi Arabia. And prices of a prayer rug do not depent on you religon and you nationality either. Take care
Q:Tell me the one way to remove the rug?
Dusting is the one method to remove your rug is then dusted thoroughly from both sides with our special rug duster. This step is very important because it’s easier to remove the majority of the soil while the rug is dry...They must be cleaned on a regular basis before they reach the point of total saturation...We have so many method and we can select our method from many site based on our comfort ability...
Q:Blush in my carpet?
you might just try soap and water...even a little liquid detergent...not too soaps up pretty quickly...i use an old wash cloth with a little water and then add the soap to it....keep rubbing..then add more water if its too soapy...hopefully it will come out....if it comes out to your liking then keep blotting the area with paper towels to absorb the moisture.......good luck what ever method you find...........
Q:It is mainly divided into pure wool carpet, chemical fiber carpet, silk carpet and plastic rubber carpet. If you want to choose a better carpet material. Chemical fiber carpet is the so-called fiber carpet. Nylon carpet is common. It has strong wear resistance, corrosion resistance and mildew resistance. The service life of the carpet is long, but the flame retardant and antistatic properties of the carpet are not very good.
"1. Pure wool carpet: when choosing household carpet, most consumers are willing to choose pure wool household carpet. This is because wool belongs to animal fiber and is tubular, which has good moisture-proof and dry proof effect. A pure wool carpet is placed indoors. When the indoor moisture is too heavy, the wool will absorb the moisture, and when the indoor temperature is dry, it will release moisture, Therefore, pure wool household carpet can adjust the indoor temperature, which is also a major reason why many consumers favor pure wool household carpet. 2. Acrylic carpet: acrylic carpet is relatively affordable, durable and easy to clean. In addition, there is also a kind of sisal jute carpet, which is very applicable in summer and more environmentally friendly. 3. Nylon carpet: nylon carpet is the most commonly used material in the family. It is made of nylon in daily clothes and appliances. The carpet made of nylon has good durability and is not easily affected by the environment. The biggest advantage is that it has good erosion resistance and mildew resistance. Because of this, many families will choose. However, the biggest disadvantage of nylon is that it is easy to trigger static electricity or get dirty. 4. Silk carpet: silk carpet is also commonly used in families, because this kind of silk has the characteristics of high elasticity and high toughness and is not easy to tear. Especially in families with children, such carpets are not afraid of being torn by children. With such tenacious strength, they are naturally very firm. Silk also has good water absorption and dry resistance, and is also very good in air permeability. Consumers are also willing to put it in the living room for people to use. 5. Blended carpet: Blended carpet is a kind of carpet mixed with wool and various synthetic fibers. This carpet material generally has the advantages of wool carpet and the durability of fiber carpet. It is a carpet with high cost performance. 6. Chemical fiber carpet: the chemical fiber of chemical fiber carpet is a kind of high polymer chemical combination, so it has the characteristics not found in natural cloth materials. Chemical fiber carpet has good quality, among which the most gratifying is its strong fire resistance, moisture resistance and the ability to resist insects and mildew. And its weight is not heavy, but also very wear-resistant, and the price is fair in the market."

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