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100% Polyester
modern fashion patterns
Solide color or With patterns
Hand Tufted
As per your request
Place of Origin:
Tianjin China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
150D shaggy carpets
150D korean polyester silk

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Roll in bale in the seperated polybag or as per your request
Delivery Detail:25-45days after deposit received


150D polyester shaggy carpets with pattern design
Material:100% polyester
Good quality &compeititve price

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Q:What's the difference between polypropylene carpet and nylon carpet?
Polypropylene fiber is a kind of synthetic fiber of isotactic polypropylene fiber made from petroleum refined by-product propylene. Also called polypropylene fiber. Can be pure spinning or with wool, cotton or viscose fiber blended fabric to produce all kinds of cloth. Can be used for all kinds of knitted fabric such as socks, gloves, sweaters, knitted pants, washing cloth, mosquito net cloth, quilt wadding, warm, wet diapers and other fillers.
Q:How are the carpets laid?
Often carpet or often move the occasion, it is advisable to carpet fixed carpet. The carpet will be cut into a whole piece of adhesive joint, directly paved on the ground, with the ground paste, round the corner trim.
Q:Is there anyway to make a rug?
Yes. If you are going to use it the full size that it is now, all you have to do is go to the fabric store and purchase rubber rug backing so it won't slip on the floor when stepped on. The rubber gripping is best sewn on either by machine or hand and try to stitch it throughout the back, not just along the edges or at the corners so that it won't rip when you launder it. Another way to use it is a rug is to purchase two sided carpet tape. The tape sticks to the floor and then you press the rug onto it holding it in place.
Q:Do I need to place something under my rug?
I would say no.But I think once you start washing it,it will lose it's grip.
Q:How to clean very dirty carpet?
You need to get the carpet professionally cleaned. Your cleaning added soap to the carpeting. Your portable did not extract the soap out. Imagine putting laundry detergent on your shirt and not rinsing it. Walk on it for a few days and see how dirty it gets. Have the Professional use DE FOAMER. Call 1800 chem dry Once the carpets are clean do not use Spotters with soap in it. Home depot carries Chem Dry Stain Extinguisher Do not use vinegar unless you know what the stain is and what you are doing. It is an acid. If you have an acidic stain and use vinegar you increase the pH. We use vinegar to help correct pH problems when a carpet discolors from previous cleaners. We also use litimus paper to check for ph.
Q:About how much would it cost to re-carpet my room?
Basic carpet will go for around 3$ (+-) a s/f installed with a basic pad. You ll need a pc 12x21 and that ll have several T seams along one wall. Or a pc 15x17 and no seams but will be 3 more s/f. I d go seamless and get the extra 3 s/f. If your carpet isn t glue down now and its a standard install , it will run from free rip out to 50 cents a s/f (about 100/125 $) One thing you may run into is disposal of the old and that can run from 75 /100$ All these prices vary from area to area but your looking at 1000$ for all you ve listed. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:What's on the carpet, dirty, urgent, etc
And this carpet sound-absorbing, environmental protection, anti-static, smoothness is also very good, suitable for large office area pavement, if you need help, you can contact me, I can explain in detail to you
Q:How long does it take to dry a sisal area rug?
Another tip: Allow your carpet to dry flat... dont roll it up or anything... maybe get a hook hanger and hang it by your dryer... so the heat can dry it a bit faster! :) thats all i got! good luck! :)
Q:how much to buy and install a carpet?
Depends on the cost of the carpet per yard which is how most carpet is sold. 12' x 12' is the equivalent of 16 yards of carpet, You also need to buy pad if the old pad is worn (its probably as worn as the carpet you are replacing), Go to your local carpet store and get per yard prices for the carpet you like. As a general rule, for the basic no frills in-stock Home Depot variety carpet, I would figure approximately $9-$10 per yard and about $2-3 per yard for pad (I know prices vary but thats a rough idea). Around $200. As for the installation - you will have to call around to find out the per yard price to install because it varies depending on where you are located.
Q:Best way to repair a rug?
Cut a square piece of the rug out. Take an old pair of jeans. Cut out a square 1 bigger on all sides as the cut square of the rug. Use Elmers glue and glue the jeans square to the subflooring then put glue on the top of the square. Cut a piece of the carpet from the piece that you have the same size as the first square you cut out. Place it on top of the blue jeans square and press down to make sure it is totally catching the glue. Voila!

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