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Gross Vehicle Mass:    34400 kg

Front axle mass:       12205  kg

Rear axle mass:       22195 kg


Max. traveling speed:       74km/h

Gradeability(tanθ):        46%

Min. Turning radius:       11000 mm

Minimum Ground Clearance:      320mm




4-section full power partially synchronized telescoping boom of hexagonal box construction with 5 sheaves at boom head. The synchronization system consists of 2 telescope cylinders, extension cables and retraction cables. Hydraulic cylinders fitted with holding valves.

Fully retracted length -----10.6 m

Fully extended length ------ 34 m

Extension speed ----- 23.4 m in 127s



2-staged boom extension type. Triple offset5º/25º/45º)type. Stored under base boom section. Single sheave at jib head.

Length --- 8.8 m, 15.2m



Mounted to main boom head for single line work.



By a double-acting hydraulic cylinder, fitted with holding valve.

Automatic Speed Reduction and Soft Stop function.

Elevation speed -----2º-80ºin /62s


HOIST--Main winch

Variable speed type with grooved drum driven by hydraulic axial piston motor through winch speed reducer. Power load lowering and hoisting. Equipped with automatic, brake (Neutral brake) and counterbalance valve. Controlled independently of auxiliary winch.

Single line pull -----31.2kN3,190 kg)

Single .line speed ----118m/min (at the 4th layer)

Diameter-----16mm   '


HOIST-Auxiliary winch

Variable speed type with grooved drum driven by hydraulic axial piston motor through winch speed reducer. Power load lowering and hoisting. Equipped with automatic brake and counterbalance valve. Controlled independently of main winch.

Single line pull -----34.3 kN ( 3,500kg )

Single line speed -----102 m/min (at the 2nd layer)

Diameter. -----16 mm

Length-----110 m



Hydraulic axial piston motor driven through planetary speed reducer. Continuous 360~ full circle swing on ball bearing slew ring. Automatic Speed reduction and soft stop function. Equipped with manually locked/released swing brake.

Swing speed -----2.5r /min



Pumps-----Quadruple gear pumps driven by carrier engine through P.T.O.

Control valves-----Multiple valves actuated by pilot pressure with integral pressure relief valves.

Circuit------Equipped with air cooled type oil cooler. Oil pressure appears on AML display for main circuit.

Oil tank capacity-----approx. 527liters

Filters ------Return line filter



By 4 control levers for swing, boom hoist, main winch, boom telescoping or auxiliary winch with 2 control pedals for boom hoist, boom telescoping based on ISO standard layout. Control lever stands can change neutral positions and tilt for easy access to cab.

Steel construction with sliding door access and tinted safety glass windows opening at side, and operator's 5 way adjustable seat with headrest and armrest.



4-hydraulically operated H-type outriggers. Each outrigger controlled simultaneously or independently from either side of carrier. Equipped with sight level gauge. Floats mounted integrally with the jacks retract to within vehicle width. All cylinders fitted with pilot check valves.

Crane operation with different extended length of each outrigger.

Equipped with extension width detector for each outrigger.

Extended width

Fully-----6,100 mm

Middle-----4, 000mm

Float size (Diameter) -----400 mm


TADANO Automatic Moment Limiter

Main unit in crane cab gives audible and visual warning of approach to overload. Automatically cuts out crane motions before overload. With working range (load radius and / or boom angle and / or tip height and / or swing range) limit function.

Nine functions are constantly displayed.

Either moment as percentage or main hydraulic pressure

Either boom angle or moment %

Either boom length or potential hook height

Either actual load radius or swing angle

Actual hook load

Permissible load

Either jib offset angle or number of parts of line of robe

Boom position indicator

Outrigger position indicator



Front outrigger mounted to the front frame of carrier to permit 360ºlifting capabilities.

Hydraulic cylinder fitted with pilot check valve. Equipped with front jack extension detector.

Float size (Diameter) -----260 mm



Integral with swing frame

     Mass-----4100 kg



Overall length-----12,770mm

Overall width-----2,490mm

Overall height-----3,570mm





Q:Is the truck crane limited by the yellow mark?
Yellow standard car refers to the environmental protection department issued to the yellow environmental protection signs of the passenger car.
Q:How does the car crane (wheeled car crane) overturn insurance claims?
If the purchase of vehicle loss insurance, car cranes (wheeled car crane) overturned losses caused by the insurance company is responsible for compensation 85%
Q:Is the truck crane and truck crane mean?
The use of these two cranes is not the same. Lorry crane is installed on the car chassis, this vehicle is mainly used to transport the goods,
Q:Does the truck crane commander need a document?
Whether the command of the command is correct, is directly related to the security, so the command staff also need to learn evidence, to avoid blind command.
Q:How the position of the crane crane boom is arranged
Generally by adjusting the screw to make additional adjustments or increase the gasket under the slider method to make additional adjustments, the form of the slider with the different shape of the boom, the adjustment must ensure that the slider and the boom to ensure a certain gap between the
Q:What is the relationship between the winch and the reel and the reel shaft?
Reducer with bolts fixed together, and finally the reducer into the reel, and bolted.The order of installation Well, you should understand.
Q:How to get the weight of the truck crane
If the hanging material, the bar stretched far, the center of gravity is too large, can not afford to pay heavier things, or likely to cause rollover.
Q:How does the car crane handle?
By the Provincial Production Safety Supervision Bureau for a unified, from the date of issuance of two years without a test, continuous trial twice no longer tested.
Q:Do you need a harness for a truck crane?
You ask the car on the car or get off the cab? On the car operating room is no seat belt
Q:What is the material process for a truck crane?
And the price, crane parts such as Wanda rotary bearing manufacturing also benefited from the continuous emergence of new materials, making the crane to a lighter, better direction.

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