Soft Grey Color Shaggy Sheepskin Carpet

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Product Description:

Sheepskin Carpet / Rug

Specification of our Sheepkin Carpet / Rug :

1) Material : pure Australian Sheepkin fur or pure New Zealand Sheepskin fur

2) Wool Length: 55-75mm

3)Size :  100*60cm OR 55X95cm OR Double /Quarto/Sexto/Octo Size or other customed size

4) Color : White , Beige , Yellow , Grey , Black , Brown , Blue , Green or other customed color

5) Package : 20-50pcs packed into one carton box. The carton box size is about 110cm x 57cm x 57cm or 20cm x 15cm x 15cm .

6) Usage: Home , Car

Advantages of our Sheepkin Carpet / Rug:

We have two kinds sheepskin carpet/rug , one is Australia Sheepkin Rug , another is Nealand Sheepskin Rug.

The Australia Sheepkin Rug is made of 100% pure sheepskin that is imported from Australia.

The New Zealand Sheepkin Rug is made of 100% pure sheepskin that is imported from New Zealand.

The wool of our sheepskin is extremely dense, which provides for a more comfortable and durable.

Pictures of our Sheepkin Carpet / Rug:







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Trying using laundry soap. Mix hot water and laundry soap scrub area than use clean hot water to scrub up area than vacuum up with a shop vac. I think it works well. Or if you want to get something at the store get Rug Doctor's Pet spray. It works great on smells and stains. All you do is spray the area than put a wet warm rag on it and leave it over night while it drys. Good luck!!
Q:how much would it cost to carpet 3 bedrooms?
Check out retail outlets like RC Wiley and home depot. Use Prices per square foot ithat nclude pad and installation . If you want to do three bedrooms why not include the hall as well Measure your rooms to get the square footage legnthx width. You can gestimate from the newspaper. This is the most user friendly way to do it.
Q:Carptet Tile VS. a Roll of Carpet.?
The carpet tiles are easier to install. They have the advantage that if you make a spot on one, you can lift it up and replace it. Great if you have kids or pets. They just snap together from what I've seen. Haven't priced them, though, so I can't tell about that.
Q:The new carpet smells great. How do you clean it?
Remove the baking soda from the new carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Finally empty the vacuum cleaner's garbage can.If it still tastes good, you can reuse baking soda several times. If you can't find any sodium bicarbonate, you can also use white vinegar instead.
Q:what is the best home remedy for cleaning automotive carpet?
Resolve spray carpet cleaner, a small stiff bristle nylon brush, and a small wet/dry vacuum small section at a time so you can see the difference... Look around for a good leather cleaner/conditioner
Q:Horse Rugs.........?!?!?
i buy horse rugs from Horseland in Australia and i really like the Weatherbeta rugs cause they are light, waterproof and keep your horse warm and are just a great rug!
Q:How to do if the carpet shed hair?
Some of the quality of the carpet after the hair did not do it more to do with a vacuum cleaner to clean or with a hand brush hair device to deal with the bedroom to use the blanket off the dust with the air to enter the respiratory system air to create a health hazard
Q:what would remove residue from vinyl tiles on carpet?
My feeling is you'll have to get new carpet. You're basically going to have to saturate the carpet repeatedly with solvent and rub it with old towels to soften and absorb the adhesive. Carpeting has a tendency to 'wick down' moisture, so if you soften the glue it will want to go down further into the carpet rather than wipe off. Depending on the thickness and height of the pile, and how much adhesive is stuck to the fibers, you may be doing a lot of work for nothing. Solvents you can use would include stuff like Goo Gone, however it will take a lot to get the adhesive off, and that will get expensive. You can also use paint thinner or turpentine, but the fumes may be too much unless you can close off the room, and the smell will linger. Either way, you'd best not light a match in that room for a while, and the solvents could also cause the adhesive under the carpet to fail.
Q:The original carpet in the house is now trying to remove the carpet glue
1, with paper towels stained with some alcohol (preferably with industrial alcohol, not to use medical also OK) wipe, and then rub a few times on the clean.2. Use acetone. Method ibid. Less and thoroughly, and best of all, it removes the residual gum quickly, easily, and more efficiently than the essence.All two of these are solvents and are the best in all methods.
Q:How do you remove installed carpets?
Simple!!! Take a sharp knife simply cut a small piece then have fun RIPPING it out!!!!!!

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