Colorful Polyester Shaggy Carpet

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Product namePolyester Shaggy Carpet
Material100% polyester
Pile weight1500—3300g/m2
Height1.5 CM—3.5 cm
BackingGrey and White Back
Patternflower shape
ColorPink , purple, green, grey, yellow, orange, red
Size4' x 6' , 5' x 8' , 5' x 7' or OEM size
UseHome, hotel, commercial, office, floor
Place of originChina (Mainland)

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Q:Wood laminate flooring versus carpet estimate?
800 sq ft of mid grade carpet installed with better pad $2400 to $3000 800 sq ft of mid grade laminate installed with trim complete $4800 to $5500. If you do the work and install the laminate yourself about $2400 to $3500 for materials.
Q:Carpet or baseboard first?
If you already have the baseboard off have the carpet installed and then put the baseboard on. This way your baseboard wont get hit when they attach the carpet to the tack strips.
Q:whats the best way to wash a rug?
i worked for servisemaster for a long time people tryed to wash them themselvs and after that they allways called us to do it right
Q:I dont think anyone knows the meaning of CHEAP RUG. Help me find some.?
just go into any rug store and ask them for a small remnant hanging around--the least expensive one there!
Q:Its it okay to wash your bath towels with your bath rugs?
I personally would never do that just because of the dirt in the rugs shouldnt be together with towel because we need towels clean. Although you are washing both i still think no.
Q:How do you wash a bathroom rug?
Wash in cold water. Air dry. The rubber will melt in the dryer. Over time, the rubber will flake off from being put in the washer, but it will work. Or, if you have access to a carpet shampooer, that would work too.
Q:cost of installing carpet 'indiana'?
Carpet prices vary widely as does quality. But you can get a mid grade carpet and pad to cover any warranties for around 3$ a s/f installed. Of course you can get a better carpet ( and cheaper ) but you generally get what you pay for.. Don t down grade pad since this is the back bone of any carpet..If any thing this is one place to up grade to what you can afford. GL
Q:How do you rip up a carpet?
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Q:how to clean extra dirty automobile carpet?
Hello If you want to clean dirty automobile carpet,hire the best carpet cleaning company.Heavenly Touch Carpet Upholstery Cleaning is great Company! These guys are all nice and come in and get right to work. They delivered the best results and carpet looks great and no more smell.You definitely feel like they do good work for a good price.For more information,you can call us at (408) 252-5402 or visit the website Good Luck! Thanks Pretson
Q:Can carpet be laid in the kitchen?
The ground must be very slippery, non slip more important anti - oil carpet is very important, four from the kitchen fume, so buy a waterproof. Of course, the kitchen carpet can be laid a carpet, which plays a big role, affordable and beautiful,

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