truck crane with max lifting capacity of 8 tons

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Quick Details

  • Feature: Truck Crane

  • Condition: New

  • Application: Max lifting capacity 8000kg

  • Rated Loading Capacity: 8000kg

  • Rated Lifting Moment: 196 kn*m

  • Max. Lifting Load: 8000kg

  • Max. Lifting Height: 26m

  • Span: 4400mm

  • Model Number: YGQY8K
  • Certification: ISO9001:2008

  • Warranty: 12 months

  • After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

  • Engine Model: YN33CR

  • Chassis Model: T-king ZB5090JQZP

  • Main hook single lifting load: 1350kg

  • Main hook single lifting speed: 50m/min

  • Auxiliary hook single lifting load: 300kg

  • Auxiliary hook single lifting speed:100m/min

  • Max Travelling speed: 80km/h

  • Tire type: 7.50-16 with spare tire

  • Braking form: Air brake

  • Dynamic motor: GB 11KW-6-pole

  • Technical Parameters for truck with loading crane  


    Product model


    Total mass           kg


    Overall dimension     mm


    Rated elevating capacity   kg


    Rated Lifting torque   kn*m


    Max. Lifting Height     m


    Main hook single load   kg


    Main hook single elevating speed m/min


    Auxiliary hook single load kg


    Auxiliary hook single elevating speed m/min


    Engine model


    Derailleur model

    LG5-25 With high and low speed auxiliary box


    7.50-16 with spare tires

    Braking form

    Air brake

    Steering form

    Hydraulic power steering

    Crane jib structure

    Category five hexagon box-type, hydro cylinder telescopic boom

    Main Lifting Mechanism

    Category two planet wheel with a brake inside

    Auxiliary Lifting Mechanism

    Category one gear brake motor

    Swing Bearing

    GB Φ1000 Tooth, material 50Mn intermediate frequency

    Vertical hydraulicleg

    Double-acting engineering oil cylinder

    Horizontal hydraulicleg

    Double-acting engineering oil cylinder


    Anti-skidding and big

    Protective Screening


    Night light

    3 lamps control

    Dynamic Motor

    GB 11KW-6 pole

    Crane Cab


    The central axially symmetrical

    Four oil ways

    Crane Start




    Warning Horn

    Mono snail

    Pressure gage and switch

    Shockproof component

    Power Takeoff

    Driving indoor operation zip type

    Hydraulic Oil Tank

    Turntable rearmounted, counter weight combined type, special four-layer filters

    Load displayer/ Lift height limiting stopper



Q:What is the principle of the arm boom of the boom-type truck crane?
Sequential expansion and contraction using multi-stage cylinder or a number of single-stage cylinder, etc. directly with the cylinder to promote
Q:Why does the crane have two cabs?
Inside the necessary equipment to be mechanical joystick, electrical control electrical cabinet, and pneumatic or hydraulic devices.
Q:What are the truck cranes getting off the system and the car system?
If your system is a hydraulic or electrical system, then it is divided by the center of the rotating cylinder, and slewing support similar
Q:What are the types of truck cranes?
According to the type of leg: frog-style legs, x-type legs, h-type legs.
Q:What are the main parts of the truck crane?
thus becoming the construction industry commonly used one of the construction machinery
Q:How is the length of the main hoist's main winch and sub-winch wire rope calculated?
When the lifting angle of the boom is maximum, the wire rope override (generally not the full magnification of the main hook) is specified according to the specifications of the crane, and the length of the main rope is the length of the main rope.
Q:How about the commonly used car cranes for the construction of the villa
In the large construction site more common there are three kinds of lifting machinery, one is the electric tower crane, the second is the car is a crane, commonly known as car crane, the third is a crawler crane, commonly known as crawler crane.
Q:Do you need a harness for a truck crane?
is more than the legs and pumps and other equipment, cab is also similar, The seat belt is of course
Q:What is the development process of a car crane?
In the near future, China's automotive crane industry will develop into a stable development, a high degree of market-oriented mature industries.
Q:What is the principle of car hanging arm?
The cylinder 1 is of the piston type and is made of double-sleeved casing as the fuel supply passage for the cylinder 2. However, the manufacturing process is complicated and the conventional piston double acting cylinder is used. However,

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