Rough Terrain Crane Wheel Truck Crane Mobile Cranes with 5 Section Telescopic Boom ISO9001

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$30,000.00 / unit
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TT or LC
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1 unit
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15 unit/month
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Product model YGQLY10T

Total mass kg 9640+500

Overall dimension mm 8950*2500*3040

Rated elevating capacity kg 10000

Rated Lifting torque kn*m 240

Max. Lifting Height m 26.5

Main hook single load kg 1500

Main hook single elevating speed m/min 50

Auxiliary hook single load kg 500

Auxiliary hook single elevating speed m/min 100

Engine model YANGCHAI 4102(YZ4DA7-30)

Derailleur model LG5-38 With high and low speed auxiliary box

Tires 8.25-16 with spare tires

Braking form Break air brake

Steering form Hydraulic power steering

Swing Bearing GB Φ1000 Tooth, material 50Mn intermediate frequency

Vertical hydraulicleg Double-acting engineering oil cylinder

Horizontal hydraulicleg Double-acting engineering oil cylinder

Platform Anti-skidding and big

Protective Screening Two-way

Night light 3 lamps control

Dynamic Motor GB 11KW-4 pole

Crane Cab Tailor-made


10 tons rough terrain crane wheel  truck crane with 5 section telescopic boom ISO9001

Product model


Total mass                       kg


Overall dimension                mm


Rated elevating capacity            kg


Rated Lifting torque            kn*m


Max. Lifting Height                m


Main hook single load              kg


Main hook single elevating speed  m/min


Auxiliary hook single load          kg


Auxiliary hook single elevating speed m/min


Engine model


Derailleur model

LG5-38 With high and low speed auxiliary box


8.25-16 with spare tires

Braking form

Break air brake

Steering form

Hydraulic power steering

Crane jib structure

Category five hexagon box-type, hydro cylinder telescopic boom

Main Lifting Mechanism

Category two planet wheel with a brake inside

Auxiliary Lifting Mechanism

Category one gear brake motor

Swing Bearing

GB Φ1000 Tooth, material 50Mn intermediate frequency

Vertical hydraulicleg

Double-acting engineering oil cylinder

Horizontal hydraulicleg

Double-acting engineering oil cylinder


Anti-skidding and big 

Protective Screening


Night light

3 lamps control

Dynamic Motor

GB 11KW-4 pole

Crane Cab


The central axially symmetrical

Four oil ways

Crane Start




Warning Horn

Mono snail

Pressure gage and switch

Shockproof component 

Power Takeoff

Driving indoor operation zip type

Hydraulic Oil Tank

Turntable rearmounted, counter weight combined type, special four-layer filters

Load displayer/ Lift height limiting stopper



Q:Is the truck crane limited by the yellow mark?
Car crane in the final analysis, or motor vehicles, subject to the yellow standard.
Q:Why does the crane have two cabs?
Behind the control room is used to manipulate the lifting objects up and down, left and right, before and after the other functions.
Q:Is the truck crane and truck crane mean?
The car crane is a specially designed car chassis, mainly lifting the weight of the object, and the range of activities is also great, the lifting capacity of the largest can reach 120 tons
Q:Where is the car crane operation permit?
Car crane operating permit (qualification certificate) at the beginning, middle and senior, in the local labor and social security departments, once owned, life-long, national general, no annual review; 2, car crane job card (certificate) regardless of grade,
Q:What is the packaging of a car crane?
quantity, technical specification, special use requirements, packaging and transportation conditions, delivery time, payment method, quality assurance, claim and arbitration.
Q:What is the relationship between all-terrain cranes and tire cranes?
So that tire-type truck cranes are usually modified on the chassis of the crane.
Q:What is the relationship between the winch and the reel and the reel shaft?
Winch system: get off the oil pump through the center of the rotary joint, and then through the main valve, the first through a gale balance valve, and then drive the hoisting motor, hoisting motor through a spline shaft connected to the reducer (some motor directly connected to
Q:What is a wheeled crane
In fact, there is no cranes on the crane classification of such a statement!
Q:What are the main categories of mobile cranes?
Truck Crane Truck Crane is a modified part of the car chassis or used to install the crane for the operation of the dedicated part of the axle most of the use of flexible suspension.
Q:What is the brake lock of a truck crane?
Small gap slowly leak, can not be on the various agencies or hydraulic motor hydraulic cylinder to achieve effective locking, which prone to heavy lifting down, the boom shrinkage, increased range, the sinking of the accident, ranging from the car crane can not

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