Hand Looped Polyester Carpet and Rugs

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Product Description:

Hand Made Area Rugs


- Material :  Polyester

- Pile weight: 1800G/SQM-2300G/SQM

- Pile height:  10mm;

- Back : fine grey-white cotton back

- Loading quantity of 1x20'GP : 2300SQM for various size  

- Size: 120cm×180cm,140cm×200cm,160cm×230cm, 170cm×240cm,

          200cm×200cm,200cm×300cmOr size according to your request

- Package: Rolls in the polybags, your specific packing is available

- Delivery time : 45 days after receiving the down payment

- Payment terms: TT or L/C at sight

- H.S.: 5703300000

Remark: For handtufted technique we could use acrylic, wool, polyester and polypropylene materials. All the carpets are good quality with attractive price


- Low pile of 10mm brings thick & reliable touch feeling;
-  Luxury & high quality product;

-  Durable & non-shedding;
-  Popular in North American , European , Asia market;
-  Special quality acceptable: different pile length, weight, color etc, make your product different from others & more competetive.

-  OEM is welcome;


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Q:How to deep clean carpets without renting a steam cleaner?
Clean Carpet Without Steam Cleaner
Q:when moving into an apt should there be new carpeting?
No. It just needs to be cleaned.
Q:Nail polish stain on carpet!?
Things You'll Need: Nail Polish Remover (Acetone), Window/Glass Cleaner, Hair Spray, Shaving cream, Oxy Clean, Butter Knife (or similar shaped object) Paper Towels. 1. Take a deep breath! The nail polish stain can be removed from the carpet. First begin to lightly dab the Acetone Nail Polish remover on the stain with paper towels. (Make sure you test it on a small spot on your carpet first to be sure it doesn't stain). 2. Slowly dab up the nail polish stain using the nail polish remover and paper towels. If all of the stain does not come up try spraying hairspray and/or shaving cream on the nail polish. Use small amounts and gently scrub the stain out. I recommend using a scrubbing brush (such as one used to wash dishes) or a toothbrush to really get the stain out. You can also use the butter knife to try and work the stain out if it is beginning to dry. At this point you may also want to try spraying window or glass cleaner on the nail polish stain. This helped quite a bit in removing the stain on my carpet. 3. Be sure to continue to use paper towels to soak up the nail polish stain from the carpet and make sure you do not get the carpet too wet. 4. Once you remove the nail polish stain, allow the carpet to dry. If there is still light staining, try using Oxy Clean to get the last of it out. Tips Warnings Be patient. It takes awhile to remove a nail polish stain from a carpet..Be Gentle. You do not want to work the stain into the carpet any more than it already is..The first product you try may not work. Keep trying until you see what works for you..Always test sections of your carpet with any item you decide to use to remove the nail polish stain. Do this in a closet or somewhere it will not be noticeable if it stains..If you cannot get the stain out, call a professional carpet cleaner. Better safe than sorry..Do not cut the carpet..
Q:how to tell when or when not to put a rug on?
Well when she is not clipped only put it on if you are positive she needs it. When in doubt go without. When she is clipped it depends on what short of clip if it's summer just get a lightweight cotton rug if it's winter get a good heavy rug. Remember though for when she is not clipped her hair acts like a heater and an aircon Remember for when she is not clipped When In Doubt Go Without Feeling the bottom of her ears is also a good indication of weather she is cold or hot.
Q:hi i want some good advice on horse rugs and how many you atually need/?
I actually have a fifteen.2 hh fat horse, as around as a pumpkin! he's in lots of circumstances a 60 rug yet can greater healthy right into a 59! he's likewise a cob! in case you may have a pair of rugs, id have the backside one or 2 as a 59 and the right ones as 60. additionally i rekon he could be a cob. yet i dont think of there is plenty distinction in a 5'9and a 6'0, so in case you theory he would fill out or get rounder as quickly as you get him than you may properly be greater useful in basic terms going with 6'0!
Q:how can i remove carpet stains?
Hi okorder.com/
Q:Is it haram to spray perfume on prayer rug?
Perfume was being one of the favourite things of our Prophet ,so to keep your prayer rug with good smelling then it is good thing to do. I think you mean perfume with the mixture of al-Cohol,remember Al-Cohol is haram for drinking but not touching ,otherwise how can you have injection ,washing your hand with it or some other used. Remember GOD said < There is no religion in those who do not use thir intellect ,other wise the non Muslims will look down upon you,as you see.
Q:Knit a throw rug?
i think u should use chunky wool yarns with big, fat needles cuz if u use the thin yarn and needles, it will take forever
Q:I'm looking for an area rug - where can I find one at a decent price and what size should I get?
I'm not sure what you consider a decent price but I have a 9x12 persian in a 12x17 space that was around $1800. If you're dogs are hard on rugs, you might want to look at Frontgate or Grandinroad catalogs or online. They offer indoor/outdoor polypropolene rugs that look like designer rugs, are soft, and to clean they just need to be hosed down. I picked up a 9 x 12 Acanthus style for $325 for a high traffic area space.
Q:What's the reason for leaking the carpet?
Good car, suddenly found that there is water inside the car, it is a headache and trouble. That's OK. As long as we take the right medicine, the problem will be solved soon.Water or water stains found car sunroof is generally the drain plug or air conditioning condensed water leak; rarely is caused by the weld degumming or sealant aging of doors and windows.

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