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Product Description

Product name2014 CNBM Super 3D Design Polyester Shaggy Carpet
Material100% polyester
Pile weight1500—3300g/m2
Height1.5 CM—3.5 cm
BackingGrey and White Back
Patternflower shape
ColorPink , purple, green, grey, yellow, orange, red
Size4' x 6' , 5' x 8' , 5' x 7' or OEM size
UseHome, hotel, commercial, office, floor

Terms and Conditions

Packing detailscarpets rolled in separate plastic bags
Loading capacityone 20' container can hold about 2200sqm; one 40' GP container can hold about 4500sqm. One 40HQ container can hold about 5500sqm.
MOQ300 square meter of a design and a size

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Q:New carpet buying process?
we are happy with Berber.
Q:how much does it cost to get a rug reweaved or tied....?? who or where can I go to get it fixed?
It is REALLY expensive to have done. I would make sure the value of the rug will warrant such an expense.
Q:Do steam vacs ruin your carpet?
I've been using them for years...in fact I owe several different kinds, always searching for a better model with 3 cats, and 2 dogs. And I never had a problem with them ruining my carpets.
Q:Cleaning methods of several common carpet stains
1, coffee stains can be washed with soda water, and then dry with white cloth.2, wax stains on wax stains can first put a piece of white and clean cloth, spray water on the cloth, and then use the electric iron hot wax, wax position, wax will be dissolved in cloth.3, the original pen oil can be washed with alcohol, and then dry white and clean cloth.4, lipstick can be washed with alcohol, and then white and clean cloth dry.5, chewing gum stains can use dry ice cooling to harden the chewing gum, and lose the viscous force, it is very easy to make chewing gum was extracted, the remaining small stains, usable alcohol cleaning, reoccupy white and clean and dry cloth.6, red wine stains must be immediately soaked cloth with wine stains, followed by the point to the point of pouring salt, about two hours later, with a vacuum cleaner thoroughly clean, you can remove stains.7, smoke stains if the carpet hair was burned, with charred blade will cut part of the raw materials, other materials filled in the hole.
Q:how to prevent the carpet paved outside from blowing up by the wind.
Has adhesive force,. You can fix it with a carpet liner.
Q:I have rug on my carpet, how do i make it not slip/move?
Carpet speaks to wall to wall. Rugs are for areas and though they are available in many sizes they are not considered carpet. In very old times when rooms were all hardwoods, people did refer to their large rugs as carpets but that was then and this is now. There was no carpeting back in those times as we have now.
Q:How to clean very dirty carpet?
if the carpet is so gross you should have got new carpet. tell the manager.
Q:If you spilled paint on your rugs will your insurance cover it?
An accidental spillage of paint or any other substance is normally covered under most homeowner policies when the spill damages the dwelling. This is a fortuitous event and not specifically excluded under most policies. If by 'rug' you mean a true rug and not wall to wall carpeting then most policies would not cover such an occurance as most policies are named peril for personal property including rugs. I've handled claims in many states and can't recall a policy that specifically states spillage of paint as a covered peril. As for the cleaning, as a former Insurance adjustor unless the cleaning is performed immediately and by a professional using a truck mounted extractor the paint would not be totally removed. Now it is true that your deductible would apply in this instance but there would also be a percentage of depreciation applied to your loss and in most cases the depreciation is not refundable even with the 'Replacement cost endorsement'.
Q:How can the wood floor urine stains be removed?
Remove urine stains with a sponge dipped in cold water. Wet the sponge pad gently, wipe it gently from the middle edge of the urine stain, or immediately dilute the urine with soda water. Apply some water detergent and a few drops of ammonia water at the urine stain. Silk and wool are not to be treated with ammonia Cover urine stains with a water absorbent pad impregnated with a water-based detergent. Cover time enough to clear all urine stains. When the absorbent pad absorbs urine stains, replace it. To maintain the water pad and urine stains are soaked with water-based detergents and ammonia. Then rinse with clean water (that is, pass the stain in the past, remove some of the dye and detergent residue), urine stains, and then daub some water detergents and a few drops of white vinegar. Wash the fabric clean with water and repeat the process as needed. Last dry. When handling carpet, use Stain-X carpet detergent, Up&Out (not wool fabric) or Afta carpet detergent after all procedures.
Q:carpet cleaners (cats)?
hard to say but lint removers or call sanly steamers it worked for me

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