Acrylic Hand Tufted Carpet Tile

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Product Description:

Quality:Hand tufted carpet

Material:100% polyester

Designs:Various designs applicable

Size:Any size

Color:Any color

Pile height: 1cm

Pile weight:1500g, 1600g, 1700g, 1800g or 1900g /sqm

Rug back:Canvas latex back

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Q:My apartments carpet.?
It sounds to me that since you have lived there for 8 years the 5 year scale has expired. Most carpets in the apartment rental business are prorated during the 1st 5-7 years. The $1200 must have been the value of the existing carpet or replacement value. Over the 5 years of the carpet's life if ever it were damaged and needed replacing, the $1200 would be prorated with X number of dollars deducted for each year of wear and tear. This means that after 8 years the landlord would get nothing for the carpet as it lived out its expected life. It is true that carpet quality varies but rest assured it is likely that an average quality carpet was installed when new. Prorating a carpet is based on: age of the carpet, quality of the carpet, how much the landlord paid, and expected life. I don't think you are going to owe anything for damage to the carpet unless the carpet was still in pristine condition and even then you would not owe very much.
Q:How do you get candle wax out of carpet?
The best way I have found is to do the following: Remove the chunks of wax and as much as you can with your fingers. You may use ice as the others have suggested for this step. Heat your iron on a NON steam setting but pretty hot. Lay a paper bag over the wax spots and iron them. You may have to do this several times with clean paper but the iron melts the wax and the paper absorbs some of it.
Q:How do you get urine out of an area rug?
Nature's Miracle didn't harm the carpet. Keep using it on future stains. I'd iron the carpet. Turn it over so the backing is on top, place a damp cloth on top of the wrinkly part and use a very warm, but not hot iron, with not too much pressure. SHOULD work.
Q:white powder under rug everytime i go to vacume?
You said the rug was old. It could be the rug itself degrading, especially the material the fibers are woven into or if it has a latex backing, the latex itself. Also it could be years of dirt hoovering hasn't been able to remove filtering down and out thru the bottom.
Q:Antique rug, how do I clean it?
Hi, If your rug is worth that much I would have it professionally cleaned by a reputable person that specializes in cleaning persian or oriental rugs. It usually cost from 1-2 dollars a square foot. These companies have special tools that they dust the carpet with. They use compressed air with special tools that get out deeply embedded dirt that can make the foundation of your carpet dry and brittle. Often these companies have washing pits that the rugs are cleaned in that mimic how they were once cleaned in flowing rivers. They can dry your rug with air flow which is important to not leave a rug wet. They can inspect your rug for damage. Chemicals or steam cleaning should not be use as the natural oils of the wool are removed. Yes there is a market for these rugs so you should have it appraised by an experienced persian rug evaluator. Then you will have a market value if you decide to sell it but also for insurance purposes. Hope this helps.
Q:How to restore carpet color discoloration from a bleach spill?
Q:How do you clean an old wool area rug?
Since you don't have a cleaning service in your area;I would recomend taking it to laundry mat that has commerical washers and add 1/2 cup woolite and wash on the lowest setting and then take home and place over railing or flat surface and let air dry. I do this with my Oriental area rugs. If a laundry mat is unavailable; use the recomendation above in your bath tub; squeezing gently after your drain tub and then palce over railing or place on flat surface.
Q:possible 3rd degree rug burn?
If it is getting better than you are doing the right thing. The trick to the band aid, would be to get a longer one, so that it will go all the way around your toe and stick to itself. Measure it before you take those tabs off to make sure it is long enuff.
Q:how expensive is it to install carpet?
If your putting it in just to sell it, why do you care if it lasts 10 years or not? Materials and labor for under 2000 may be a stretch, especially if you have a large area you want to carpet. If I were you, I would look into carpets that are not as expensive. The people who buy the house may not even like the carpet and rip it out and put hardward or a different color anyway, so lasting 10 years should not be a concern. That is a big part of your expense right there!
Q:Antique oriental rug history and value?
the best way to learn the history and possible value of a large Rugs ask to Rug Store

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