Acrylic Hand Tufted Carpet For Home

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Product Description:

Quality:Hand tufted carpet

Material:100% polyester

Designs:Various designs applicable

Size:Any size

Color:Any color

Pile height: 1cm

Pile weight:1500g, 1600g, 1700g, 1800g or 1900g /sqm

Rug back:Canvas latex back

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Q:What color of the carpet looks good with gray fabric sofa?
just to separate from the color of the carpet, if the room is too much gray, the carpet should be in a light color, the key to your own preferences, choose by yourself is better on the basis of not against the color aesthetics . Also it should be light color After all, it is home, not office. Do not recommend specific color, a dignified sense. The gray curtain is not good, the designer only gives you the suggestion to combine the existing color and the decoration style in your room
Q:Removing Soft Pastel Stain from carpet?
Hoover with soft brush attachment just hover(hover not hoover) above the stain as close as possible so that you don't press it in to the carpet.DO NOT put anything wet on it or press it in any way.If still there use the brush attachment lightly on it while hoovering.
Q:What to use when cleaning a sheepskin rug?
We have written clear (updated for 2015) sheepskin washing instructions with photos on our blog. The most important thing is to use the correct sheepskin woolskin wash not a wool wash. The difference is that woolskin wash is safe to use on the leather of the sheepskin rug and will not make it fall apart or go stiff and hard. A carding brush also make washing sheepskins a lot easier to get the knots out of the wool.
Q:How do I get stains out of carpet?
try rinsing after cleaning. Use clear water. The soap left a residue so the carpet got dirtier faster.
Q:how to tell when or when not to put a rug on?
Well when she is not clipped only put it on if you are positive she needs it. When in doubt go without. When she is clipped it depends on what short of clip if it's summer just get a lightweight cotton rug if it's winter get a good heavy rug. Remember though for when she is not clipped her hair acts like a heater and an aircon Remember for when she is not clipped When In Doubt Go Without Feeling the bottom of her ears is also a good indication of weather she is cold or hot.
Q:is there a laundry with big boy washers to wash a rug?
Q:Is it possible to dye an area rug?
Hi There is two ways to remove wax from carpet. 1/ Use the edge of a butter knife to carefully scrape off or lift up as much solid wax as you can .Use a dry clean white terrycloth place it over the wax spot then heat it with a iron on low setting because most homes have polyester carpet, and if the iron gets too hot, it'll melt the carpet. Keep checking the spot every ten seconds or so, moving the terrycloth so that a clean spot is on the carpet. 2/ Which is the better way. Use the edge of a butter knife to carefully scrape off or lift up as much solid wax as you can Heat up a full kettle of water and pour it slowly on the carpet at the same time with a wet vac vacuum up the water. Keep on doing this until the wax is removed. From a carpet cleaner of 14 years
Q:Is there any great carpet cleaners in torrington Connecticut?
So weird that I just randomly came across this question! I just moved to South Florida from Southington, CT, but I also lived for many years in Bristol and my mother-in-law lives in Torrington currently. Yes, I can definitely recommend ChemDry (I think they have a Torrington location, not sure where exactly, but the number is 860-489-6010). My family owned several apartment complexes, and we eventually learned to do our own carpet cleaning, but before that, we used ChemDry...they're great. They are very reasonably priced too. I just asked my mother in law who shed recommend, and she says there's a place called The Carpet Magician on South Main St in Torrington that she used, so I googled them, they have great reviews and they are running a whole house for $89 deal. Their number is 203.721.0491. Mention that you found them on merchant circle and you can get the $89 deal. All their work is guaranteed, and my MIL says they did a good job on her cream colored carpet. Hope this helps!
Q:where do i find jute rugs for decent price? I once carried Jute Rugs several years ago. These prices seem about right today. You can google Jute Rugs and find other sources. They're all made in China.
Q:Area Rug Alternatives?

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