High quality 4.0 hot tempered glass Fire resistant glass for fireplaces

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Product Description:

High quality 4.0 hot tempered glass Fire resistant glass for fireplaces

Fireproof Glass Advantages:

Our top quality fire-proof glass is widely used for luxury hotel, theater, exhibition hall, airports, gymnasium,hospital,
commercial building and other public building. And all our fire-proof glass has the following features:
(1) Fire-resistance: fire-proof glass can keep down the spread of fire effectively;
(2) Safety: If it is broken, it usually breaks into relatively small pieces, which are less likely to cause serious injury;
(3) High temperature resistance:Fire-proof glass can endure more than 300°C temperature




The factory mainly produces   


Borosilicate 4.0 fireproof glass is widely used in household appliances, electronics, instrumentation, optics, aerospace and other fields.

Borosilicate 4.0 fireproof glass has good thermal properties, mechanical properties, optical properties and ultra-high chemical stability.   The visible light transmittance is 92%, and the high light transmittance in the near-infrared and ultraviolet bands exceeds 90%.   The sign of fluorescence is far lower than that of soda lime glass.

1)Water resistance (International Organization for Standardization 719): Grade A

2)Acid resistance (International Organization for Standardization 195): Grade A

3)Alkali resistance (International Organization for Standardization 695): Grade B


The thickness of the glass ranges from 2.5mm to 15mm, and the maximum size can reach 4800mm×2440mm.

Bullet-proof glass

Layered with glass,PVB and polycarbonate,the kinetic energy of the bullet is convered into heat by the glass and interlayer.The Bullet-proof glass is widely used for museum artifacts,banks bulletproof,showcase,villa doors and windows etc.

Thickness:3-19mm(can be customized)

Max Size:4800*2440mm

Product Property:Tempered,Laminated







Wooden crate, carton box, plastic film, customized, all packing can be fulfilled at Glass.
professional and experienced working stuff, all packing and loading is guaranteed to be strong and seaworthy to reduce the breakage rate to as low as possible.

Package Type:
1)Inter package is paper or plastic between two sheets;
2)Seaworthy wooden crates;
3) Iron belt for consolidation for insulated glass



Company introduction


CNBM is a subsidiary of China National Building Materials Group Co., LTD., one of the World's top 500 enterprises CNBM line adopts oxygen combustion + electric boosting technology + platinum system technology with completely independent intellectual property rights. It is equipped with a melting furnace, tin bath, annealing furnace, and cold end cutting system suitable for the production of borosilicate glass. There are well-known international brands suitable for cutting and edging of borosilicate glass in Italy, and the latest tempering furnace in Finland. The company mainly produces borosilicate 3.3 heat-resistant glass and borosilicate 4.0 fire-resistant glass.







Q:How to get a quotation?

A: we need to get specific details, such as size, color, thickness, quantity, edge,etc.


Q: Can you do the production as customized?

A: Yes, we have a professional technique team, we could produce the glass depends on your requirements.


Q: What the your glass package ?  Are they safe ?

A: Wooden Crates Worthy for Ocean and Land Carriage .The crates will be very strong and every loading worker has 12years packed,

loading and fixation crates with container experience.  And we send the loading pictures for you after we loading .


Q:.  What is your minimum order quantity?

A:Our MOQ is one full 20 feet container.

Products of different sizes and specifications could be mixed in one container.


Q: Can you supply a free samples ?

A: yes, if you want us to provide big size sample according to your requirements, you should pay the cost of production.

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Q:Guiqiu big god, online and other urgent! Will hydration of calcium silicate heat dehydrate to change calcium silicate?
This is not very know how ah
Q:Phenolic insulation board is B1 grade fireproof material
Oh, the market is a bit chaotic, phenolic itself is certainly B-class, but there is a lot of time to urge the lungs plumbing Sengdu Ji Jidao manufacturers through different ways to meet the transfiguration A level, such as smearing interface agent, composite silicon calcium board finishes And then the overall treatment to achieve A-class, the biggest drawback of phenolic powder is not suitable, in line with the pinch on the dregs, strictly speaking, how he turned face are B-class.
Q:Why do the cabinets in the bathroom use fireproof board material, the bathroom is easy to fire?
Because the fire board has: waterproof performance. The concept of the fire board is easy to confuse with the professional name. In fact, the fireproof plate we talk about is the fireproof sheet (for example, on the cupboard). It is made of fireproof board (or fire board veneer) and substrate MDF or particleboard) by hot sol high temperature and pressure made by paste. Fireproof board (fire board veneer), also known as fire board, formerly known as thermosetting resin impregnated paper high pressure decorative laminated board, abbreviated as HPL, is a surface decoration with refractory building materials, a rich surface color, pattern and special Physical properties and ease of processing, widely used in interior decoration of the surface material. It is impregnated with phenolic resin for the core (bottom) layer and the amino resin (mainly melamine resin) impregnated paper for the surface layer by heating and bonding at a pressure of not less than 5MPa, the outer layer of one or two A decorative color or pattern. Fire board / fire board is the base paper after melamine resin and phenolic resin processing, the main physical properties are shown by the resin characteristics. Melamine resin thermosetting after a good gloss, good transparency, high surface hardness, wear resistance, high temperature, impact resistance, surface pores are not easy to be pollution, chemical resistance, water resistance, solvent resistance, Such as excellent performance, mechanical strength, electrical insulation, good arc resistance and easy aging. Phenolic resin resin after heat curing and heat and hard and other properties. After the combination of two resins, fire board / fire board both the performance of both.
Q:Composite foam cement insulation board, composite foam insulation board What is the level of fire insulation materials?
Class A. Poor thermal conductivity
Q:Class C fire door with what material
Class C fire door with what material...
Q:Performance and Difference of Rockwool and Glass Fiber Fireproof Materials
Rock wool and glass wool fire rating are all A-level rock wool high temperature of 800 degrees glass wool high temperature 450 touch tiger whip mortar Zhuang Huan Biao cloth wave density rock wool relative weight of some glass wool bulk light from the waterproof performance or glass wool better some
Q:Decorative materials Fireproof paint three degrees What does it mean
Paint the number of Road, that is, times, three degrees, that is, three or three times
Q:What is the bulk density of rock wool A grade fireproof material?
Rock wool board capacity of 80-200 range
Q:Who knows the grade of pipe insulation materials, the distinction between the specific basis and the exact value. Urgent, thank you
Depends on the level of norms. Friend, why do you do that god?
Q:Extruded board fire B1, B2 grade material how to distinguish
Distinguish its dry density, and burn performance, the most direct way is to burn with a lighter!

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