High temperature heat resistant tempered toughened 4mm glass

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High temperature heat resistant tempered toughened 4mm glass

Advantages of Heat Resistant Glass

The main advantage of Heat Resistant glass is that it helps in insulation by reducing the heat gain and heat loss.    Adding multiple layers of glass with gas infill further protects the windows and building from heat loss.

Another advantage of Heat Resistant glass is that it increases the energy efficiency in buildings.    The reduced heat transfer lowers the electrical power consumption required for heating or cooling of the space.    This drastically cuts down the electrical bills especially in areas subjected to extreme heat or cold.    The use of low-e glass and reflective coatings can further improve the efficiency of the windows by further limiting the heat transfer.

Heat Resistant glass also helps in sound insulation and improves the acoustics of the place.      The inert gas present in between the two panes of glass does not allow noise to pass through and acts as a barrier  between the interiors of the building and the noise that is present outside the building .

*heat resistant glass can be made up of two or more sides.

* Each side can be made of different glass materials, such as laminated, tempered,coated glass.

* Each customization has different

characteristics to meet the different

needs of each customer, such as color style, strength or other performance.

Bullet-proof glass

Layered with glass,PVB and polycarbonate,the kinetic energy of the bullet is convered into heat by the glass and interlayer.The Bullet-proof glass is widely used for museum artifacts,banks bulletproof,showcase,villa doors and windows etc.

Thickness:3-19mm(can be customized)

Max Size:4800*2440mm

Product Property:Tempered,Laminated

Packing & Delivery


* For small quantities, you can choose DHL or FedEx.  It is safe and fast.  We have a good rate withthem.  Please contact us for



* Ocean Shipment is economical for big quantity.


* We can also help Custom clearance at destination port and deliver goods to your warehouse or office.  And the cost is extra.

Company introduction


CNBM is a subsidiary of China National Building Materials Group Co., LTD., one of the World's top 500 enterprises CNBM line adopts oxygen combustion + electric boosting technology + platinum system technology with completely independent intellectual property rights. It is equipped with a melting furnace, tin bath, annealing furnace, and cold end cutting system suitable for the production of borosilicate glass. There are well-known international brands suitable for cutting and edging of borosilicate glass in Italy, and the latest tempering furnace in Finland. The company mainly produces borosilicate 3.3 heat-resistant glass and borosilicate 4.0 fire-resistant glass.


Q:How to get a quotation?

A: we need to get specific details, such as size, color, thickness, quantity, edge,etc.


Q: Can you do the production as customized?

A: Yes, we have a professional technique team, we could produce the glass depends on your requirements.


Q: What the your glass package ?  Are they safe ?

A: Wooden Crates Worthy for Ocean and Land Carriage .The crates will be very strong and every loading worker has 12years packed,

loading and fixation crates with container experience.  And we send the loading pictures for you after we loading .


Q:.  What is your minimum order quantity?

A:Our MOQ is one full 20 feet container.

Products of different sizes and specifications could be mixed in one container.


Q: Can you supply a free samples ?

A: yes, if you want us to provide big size sample according to your requirements, you should pay the cost of production.

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Q:Today, see the Christine plant more broken off the German vouchers fan of the CCTV news channel reported that the district energy-saving transformation, the workers are more tense, the first use is to meet the A-class thermal insulation materials, later said to be polyurethane insulation board, and then use the fire A little moment on the smoke, and quickly took the fire machine, then smoke did not burn out, repeated several times did not dare how, this insulation board really fire? More
Polyurethane insulation board can reach B level.
Q:Guiqiu big god, online and other urgent! Will hydration of calcium silicate heat dehydrate to change calcium silicate?
(OH) · 4H2O can be seen from the water molecules, if the high temperature heating is likely to be decomposed into tricalcium silicate (3CaO · SiO2). ), Dibasic silicate (2CaO · SiO2), silica (SiO2) and water. The reaction equation is as follows: Ca5Si6O16 (OH) 4H2O → 3CaO SiO2 + 2CaO SiO2 + 4SiO2 + 4H2O
Q:Class C fire door with what material
Steel doors: 1.2 steel doors and door frames; 0.8 steel doors do fan panels. Doors filled with pearl slabs. Wooden door: long single worship bar of the lobster lice stiff frame with solid wood, but also splicing, flame retardant treatment, outsourcing fire board. The door also does the same.
Q:What kind of good insulation materials for cold storage?
High-end with a vacuum insulation board composite cold storage board, A-class fire, good insulation effect.
Q:Must be fireproof material!
Absolutely no fire, I was selling this. If that is all bragging.
Q:Which industry people, to help return to the final decision to do with the tax treasure Japonica ah, refractory materials and fireproof materials like it? I intend to do an industry website, do not know whether the refractory material and fireproof material more conflict
Refractory materials are generally used in industry. Such as power plants, electric furnace plant, industrial furnace. There are refractory bricks, insulation materials. Fireproof materials are generally used in the building, from the fire effect.
Q:What are the fireproof materials?
Inorganic binder: mainly water glass, gypsum, phosphate, cement, etc .; refractory mineral fillers: alumina, asbestos powder, calcium carbonate, perlite, white powder, etc .; flame retardant organic resin: Ethylene, perchlorethylene, chlorinated rubber, neoprene latex, epoxy resin, phenolic resin and the like. (Chlorinated paraffin, tributyl phosphate, decabromodiphenyl ether), and boron (boric acid, dibromide), boron, Zinc borate, aluminum borate), antimony, aluminum, zirconium and other inorganic compounds.
Q:Does the ceiling need to brush fire paint?
The use of the roof is not flammable materials, in accordance with the construction of Gong Yu Gui Yi Yi see the color of the design of fire code is not brush fire retardant paint, but the master's roof must be painted fire retardant paint, a fire 1.5h, two fire 1h. If it is needed with wooden keel
Q:Plastic products in the classification of fire levels is how the standard ah?
About UL94 Flammability Rating Series Description UL94 Flammability Rating Series Introduction Introduction UL94 - Tests the flame resistance of plastic materials in equipment and installations. This standard is based on the flame resistance of plastic materials, including a range of each level. The rank represents HB horizontal combustion (HorizontalBurn), with only one grade possible. V vertical burn (VerticalBurn), there are three levels: V-0 is the highest, V-1 is low, then V-2.5V vertical combustion (VerticalBurn), the use of large 125mm flame, there are 1 or 2 level 5V -A or 5V-B. VTM vertical thin material (VerticalThinMaterial), and V grade of the same type of possibility, but behind the TM plus TM.
Q:What is a level of fire. Secondary fire, three fire (steel)
1, which refers to the fire resistance of building materials grade 2, the steel structure, the use of components in different parts, according to the requirements of the fire level must meet the different refractory limit. For example, a fire rating of the pillars, fire resistance limit of 3h, two refractory grade pillars, fire resistance 2.5h, three of the 2h; for the beam, then, one, two, three fire rating, the fire resistance For 2h, 1.5h, 1h. Steel is usually only 15 minutes of fire resistance, so in this case, are to brush fire protection.

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