12.1&Quot; 1000Nits Sunlight Readable Industrial Touch Screen Monitor

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$390.00 - 420.00 / unit
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1 Piece unit
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1000 Sets per Month unit/month
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Semi-rugged high brightness monitor

Product Overview:


12.1" industrial touch screen monitoris
The TFTBay 12.1" industrial computer monitor is a high brightness sunlight readable VGA input touch screen display that is ideal for commercial vehicle PC installations that require a more rugged solution. This monitor is also ideal for industrial computing applications such as factory use, automation and other industrial uses.

The TFTBay Industrial 12.1" High Brightness Sunlight Readable Display features an 1000nit LED backlit panel to enable sunlight and daylight readability. LED backlighting technology provides superior results compared to traditional CCFL backlighting and features lower power consumption and heat generation.

Not only is the TFTBay Industrial 12.1" High Brightness Sunlight Readable Display one of the most affordable compact vehicle mount LCD monitors on the market but it’s also one of the thinnest and lightest! The TFTBay12.1" industrial computer monitor is also available with a resistive/SAW touch screen to allow the easy interface to any PC.





Key Features:

Display Panel:

12.1" Diagonal TFT Active Matrix

Display Format:

16:10 Aspect Ratio

Native Resolution:


Display Resolution:

640x480 up to 1024x768

Dot Resolution:

2400(H) x (RGB) x 600(V) = 1,440,000 (dots)


1000nit / 1000 cd/m2 LED Backlit High Brightness



Viewing Angle:

40/60(U/D), 60/60(L/R)

Touch Screen:

5Wire Resistive Touch Screen (RS-232 or USB)


2 x 1W Speakers At Rear


DC 12V.<8W Consumption. 0.7 A

Operating Temp:

0 - 50 C

Storage Temp:

-10 - 60 C

Enclosure Material:

Front: Aluminum Black

Back: Black Steel (Q235) Enclosure




2 lbs

Video Input:

(1)     HDMI

(2)     VGA

(3)     AV

(4)     DVI

(5)     SVIDEO

(6)     TV


12 Months

Package Includes:

Display, cables, 12V DC power supply, touch screen driver CD, manual.

Other Features:

  • Industrial Strength Enclosure

  • On-Screen Display

  • VESA 75 Mounting

  • Sunlight Readable Display

  • High Brightness

  • LED Back light

OS Compatibility:

  • Windows 2000 / XP

  • Windows 9X / ME

  • Windows CE

  • Linux (Fedora, Redhat, Suse, Mandrake. YD)











Accessories:  100-240V AC to 12V-4A DC Power Adapter;

Cables; Touch screen Driver CD; Remoter,


Packaged Dimensions:380*310*148mm

Net Weight:2.5kg

Gross Weight:4kg



Available Configurations & Model Numbers:

The table below shows the available options and configurations for this model

Other configurations including different touch screen types, interfaces and display resolutions may be available, please call if you require a custom model 

Base Unit (No Touch Screen)


With USB 5W Resistive Touch Screen.


With Serial RS-232 5W Resistive Touch Screen


With SAW Touch Screen


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