Core 2 Duo Laptops

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$115.00 - 125.00 / unit
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Cleveland, Ohio, USA
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25 Pieces unit
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1000 Pieces per Month unit/month

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Q1: Can dust damage electronics?
A: Dust and electronics do not make good friends. The thicker the layer of dust is on a circuit board the more chance there is of a short depending on the nature of the dust.
Q2: Are electronics cheap in
A: Of course. They are very cheap. The factories provide the goods. One-stop sourcing.
Q3: Why are electronics so cheap in ok order?
A: On ok order they are the lowest price. Because it is a wholesale website and factory provide goods.


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Q:I need a laptop in second hand. so what would the range of the laptop.?
mac Acer Sony Vaio VGN-NS160E/S
Q:how to connect bluetooth to laptop?
Possibly your laptop does not have a built in Blue Tooth card. All laptops do not come with Blue Tooth installed. Look in all programs or go to the laptop manufacturer support and look up the spec's for the laptop. if it does not you can buy a USB Blue Tooth adapter for it that will come with the software and driver for the adapter.
Q:Laptop question!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Dell! Better customer service than any other companies. Good brand, have been around for a long time. Make very powerful computer/laptops I have a dell laptop for 5 years now and no problem whatsoever
Q:Laptop Help!!!!!?
you should check out this site where you can get a sony vaio laptop for free
Q:Are all Windows 7/Vista Laptops good/decent gaming laptops?
To answer the question you asked. No. Not all Windows 7/Vista laptops are good or decent gaming laptops. The word Cheap and the phrase Gaming Laptop do not go together. You should realize that if a laptop can play games well, it can do EVERYTHING ELSE well. So, if a laptop is great for games, video editing, multi-media dislay, internet usage, office usage, you-name-it usage, then why would it ever be cheap? The laptops that are cheap, are good for surfing the net and watching movies. Just because it has Windows 7 or Vista, does not automatically make it a powerful laptop. end of line
Q:Sharing a laptop connection with another laptop?
Yes, that's possible and you've almost got the right phrasing for what you want; it's called Internet Connection Sharing or ICS for short (they call it that in the Help and it took me a few minutes to figure it out - duh!). If you use an ethernet connection (network port) to get onto the internet, then you need TWO network ports on the laptop that connects to the internet. If you are using dial-up or the USB port (which is a bit dodgy so it's better to go with ethernet) then you only need one network port in either laptop. (Ethernet network ports are those ones that you put a blue or red cable into with a big plug at the end that looks similar to the one you use for your telephone - it's an RJ-45 if you want to look up a picture of them.) Then you need a network port (or network card) in the other laptop and a crossover network cable to run between them - a straight through cable is no good. You can tell the difference by checking to see if the wiring order of the colours on both plugs match; on a straight-through they match but on a crossover they don't. Then you run the ICS wizard on both laptops. Having done all that, there is still one catch - when you set up the Internet Explorer connection on the 2nd laptop (if that's what you use but I suggest Firefox because it's safer and tends to behave better) there is a spot where it wants you to Auto or Manual look for settings, if memory serves. (I've tried to find this thing again but haven't managed.) Anyway, just try different choices as you go through the connection wizard and it will work.
Q:What Laptop should i get for gaming?
You won't find one that'll play those games at more than mid-low settings for that price.
Q:Sony viao or an HP laptop?
Sony vaio is the best, but I don't know how the HP brand is. Personally, I heard good things about the Hp. I own a sony vaio for 2 years going in to 3 yrs, and it still works good as new! I haven't gotten a problem with it, and I wouldn't trade it in for a Hp! It all depends on you. Why not head out to best buy and see what the salesmen think. You can look at both laptop and see which one you prefer. Good luck choosing!
Q:Best laptop under $750?
if you want fast and long lasting laptop then go with dell (latitude) or hp (probook, envy). if you want just fast laptop then go with acer aspire, lenovo thinkpad, or toshiba setalite. also depend on are you a gamer or not. if gamer then go with the dell or hp.
Q:Does Samsung make good laptops?
Does Samsung Make Good Laptops

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