30~50um Ultra Thin Flexible Glass Substrates

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Ultra thin flexible glass is currently mainly used in foldable mobile phone screens, and will be applied in foldable laptop screens, rolling TV screens, etc. in the future. 

Detailed product parameters and dimensions range from 6.9 to 8 inches, with a thickness of 30um to 70um and a bending radius of 30um R1.0; 50 micron R1.5; The 70um R2.5 flexible glass cover project has achieved phased results since September 2019, and all performance indicators meet the requirements of end customers. After mass production, this project will break the monopoly of South Korea and Schott on flexible glass technology and promote the development of folding mobile phones in China.

Kaisheng Technology Group is currently the only domestically produced ultra-thin flexible glass with independent intellectual property rights that can be provided in bulk

The enterprise that produces glass products has formed the only domestic and internationally pioneered coverage of "high-strength glass - ultra-thin thinning - high-precision processing -

The National Industrialized Ultrathin Flexible Glass Industry Chain of Flexible Fit, 30 μ Stable mass production of flexible glass.

Own independent intellectual property rights and core technologies for the entire UTG process, including raw material melting and processing, and achieve industrialization;

Over 30 invention patents have been declared in the UTG field

UTG Ultra Thin Processing Unique Technology

1: Independently developed low damage and high-precision cutting equipment;

2: Developed flexible glass with minimal edge breakage and micro C-shaped angle (thickness ≤ 100 μ m) Forming technology;

3: Developed a unique tempering formula and process parameters for flexible glass, solving problems such as warping, fragmentation, and imprinting.

Q:There are colored things on the display, one piece, like lines.
The amount of toothpaste squeezed in the wet wipes on the phone screen scratched back and forth hard to apply and then found the screen scratches disappeared.
Q:How to see the phone screen display is good?
The screen goes out of the black, the more pure the better. If it is the best black border can not clear boundaries. It is easy to take a computer to know, the calculator screen looks gray.
Q:Mobile phone display is not very sensitive how to do?
The screen clean, or the protective film off; shut down wait two minutes and then boot.
Q:Why does the phone screen appear in safe mode?
I suggest you use anti-virus software for mobile phone antivirus.
Q:What happens to the white stripes on the phone screen?
Motherboard is broken, but also for the whole of the motherboard, but this probability is relatively small, but does not rule out, the method is for the motherboard, the motherboard is cheaper than the screen point.
Q:What are the two screens that appear on the phone?
The first one is to ask you not to use non-original charger to charge.
Q:Mobile phone screen display smaller, how is this going on?
One-way mode is the main page of the key to smooth the slide back to the key (one-handed mode to the right to narrow) Home key uniform speed slide to the menu key (one hand mode to the left to narrow), click on the black screen just fine.
Q:Mobile phone screen half screen, what is the reason?
Then, look at the light carefully, the liquid was not broken, no broken, then that is the liquid integrated chip is broken. Of course, there may be other problems, mainly to confirm the above questions.
Q:Mobile phone screen often appear how an ad can be deleted?
Mobile phone is not downloaded from the official website of the software to carry the ad, you can check inside the phone what software is carried, directly unloaded in the official website for the download did not carry advertising on it.
Q:There is a superimposed view of the phone screen, how can we get rid of?
There is also a way to turn off the developer options.

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