• Mobile Phones Android Smart Watch I1 SNS Touch Screen Bluetooth System 1
Mobile Phones Android Smart Watch I1 SNS Touch Screen Bluetooth

Mobile Phones Android Smart Watch I1 SNS Touch Screen Bluetooth

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Mobile Phones Android Smart Watch I1 SNS Touch Screen bluetooth

Smart bluetooth watch work with Iphone/ Androind mobile phone with anti-lost function
1.Connect i phone
2.Receive call
4.Bluetooth connect Iphone and Android phone, then can answer calling and read SMS bythe watch directly.

Q:I need a good mobile phone for my mother. It must be a slide phone, and have a music player. It must also have a decent camera.She doesn't want to pay more than ?100 for one. Anybody got any good ones?
Good Mobile ah. If you need me you recoiendo the slider nokia 5610. It's perfect. In addition involves the functions of the latest technology: Main features Main features Format slider, finished in glossy black, with protection against scratches and side panels of aluminum Music Slider with change on the fly between the music player, FM radio and RDS standby of the phone Sound completely sharp, with a dedicated audio chip Music playback up to 22 hours, using the headset Enjoy your videos on the 2.2-inch screen with 16 million colors at 30 fps Imaging and Video Imaging and Video 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus 8 x zoom gradual and dual LED flash Shooting macro, wide mode, sequential shooting Dedicated capture key steps in 2 QVGA screen 2.2 and 240 x 320 pixels with 16 million colors Ambient light detector to optimize energy consumption and screen brightness Secondary camera for video calls Applications and games Applications and games. ATT:El hombre combustión (man combustion). I?m from Yahoo Ask spain.
Q:I heard that T-mobile phones are compatible with Boost SIMsAnyone know if this is true?
uhm im pretty sure its gona work, as long as its unlocked. just try it what do you got to lose.
Q:how i can bye a mobile phone in Bangkok ?And I want sites to check prices
I okorder
Q:A message has been posted on my mum's workplace notice board saying that if you don't have a mobile phone signal dialing 112 will still connect you to the emergency services.Does anyone know if this is true or a hoax? I have found something online about it but it was from 6 years ago. If anyone has a link to any mobile phone company's website in the UK that says it's false which I can print off for my mum to take to work would be appreciated.Thanks.
A mobile phone is a radio device. Hence, if there is really no signal at all, it cannot work: it cannot communicate with the base station, for any purpose. On the other hand, when the network is overloaded the system will often refuse normal calls and prioritise emergency numbers. When this happens my phone shows 'Emergency only' - if it says 'No signal' it is totally out of contact. It is possible that some phones are programmed to show 'No signal' when they will still accept emergency calls. Check with your provider.
Q:I don't get the phone upgrade on t-mobile. How much does an upgraded phone cost for a family plan (just upgrading 1 phone) and how long do you have to have your phone to upgrade it?Please help with those questions and more T-Mobile phone upgrading info as possible. Thanks!
how long is yr contract ?i called customer service and was informed 11 months for 1 yr/22 months for 2yr contract.since i had just purchased mine and really didn't wat to upgrade and pay that much for a phone.
Q:Hi. Lets try this again and see if anyone knows I recently upgraded to a new cell phone(an LG Dare with Verizon) and am now able to get into yahoo Messenger. My question is when I sign into Messenger using my mobile phone, is there a way to show myself asavailable to some of my contacts and not to the others at the same time? If so how do I go about showing myself online(mobile) to the few and not the others like one can do on the computer? Thank you so much in advance :)
U tube
Q:Based on the responses to my question, I compiled this list of mobile phone prefix numbers. Is the list complete / accurate ?Mobile Prefix NumbersSmart ------------909910918919920921928929Globe --------------905906915916917926927Sun ---------------922923Thank you.
Well, I can't vouch for all of 'em, and I've no idea if your list is complete. But I can vouch for the accuracy of these prefixes: Smart 0910, 0918, 0919 Globe 0916, 0917 Hope that helps.
Q:I wonder I think yahoo answers should be on the mobile phone because I am Addicted to yahoo answers and I think that it is a good Idea. Why will It not go on the mobile phone.
There's no way it could be on just any mobile phone. Of course it would have to be a phone with full internet access. I've used it on my iPhone, and all features worked as they should (as long as I stretched/enlarged the view, of course!). I tried it a few times just to test it out more for kicks giggles than intent to use it on a regular bais. I'd much rather use on a full screen for Y!A.
Q:I have an ATT LG Shine right now.I really love the T Mobile Sidekick 3.If i bought a Sidekick 3 off of OKorder and put my ATT sim card in it, will the sidekick 3 get service and everything?Would ATT know i am using a T Mobile phone?Is there any problems with doing this that i should be aware about?
Won't work if it's T-Mobile branded. Buy an unlocked one with the correct GSM bands for ATT.
Q:I am so confused on how to send pictures from my email to a mobile phone
well you can send them threw a text message or a email its very simple
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