Mobile Phones Android Smart Watch I6s Touch Screen bluetooth with 4G TF Card

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300pcs set
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20000 Pcs Per Month set/month

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Mobile Phones Android Smart Watch I6s SNS Touch Screen bluetooth with 4G TF card


Smart bluetooth watch work with Iphone/ Androind mobile phone with anti-lost function
1.Connect i phone
2.Receive call
4.Bluetooth connect Iphone and Android phone, then can answer calling and read SMS bythe watch directly.


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Q:Mobile phone mobile traffic why not open the Internet?
If all the software can not access the Internet, it is recommended that you check the network access point settings are correct.
Q:Which 3G Nokia mobile phone should i get?
Nokia Lumia Series is awesome for 3G. Lumia 1520, Lumia 1320, Lumia 925
Q:Mobile phone recently played the game automatically out of the old, what reason?
This software is not installed, or you have some minor problems with this software. I suggest you pea pods to the mobile phone installed software, this compatibility is better, but will not be a problem.
Q:What is the network. What cell phone is C network?
CDMA network technology was originally used by the United States during World War II in the field of military communications, CDMA mobile communication system is a confidential communication system, its address a total of 4.4 trillion kinds of possible arrangements to prevent eavesdropping, confidentiality.
Q:Where can i find cheap boost mobile phones?
Well, you can put a Boost sim in a Nextel phone. The Blackberry Curve 8350 for Nextel is cheaper then the i9. You would have to put third party software like Opera mini for web and Googlevoice for texting to get around the lack of Blackberry services though. Max is about $200 in near mint condition. There are tons of other cheaper Nextel phones like the i836, which is a basic but good looking flip phone, the Blackberry 7100i, an okay looking Blackberry that goes for under $50 used (needs same setup as other Blackberry to fully work though), the i920 and i930 are Windows mobile smartphones that if you have them unlocked, can use Tmobile and Att sims as well as Boost and Nextel. They are the only phones in the entire walkie talkie iden lineup that can do this. They can't send texts with Boost sims, but you can try and rig an im program like Aim or Googlevoice to get it to work as a substitute. There are dozens of models of older Nextels . A lot of them aren't very pretty, but a few of them are okay looking . And many of them are dirt cheap and can work with your Boost sims. Craigslist and OKorder.
Q:Can I send yahoo text messages (not email) on my mobile phone?
Hi, yes I believe you can. Your mobile carrier, is for just that; so if you send it through your yahoo account, it would go through that carrier. You should be okay within that. Send one to a friend, in that same fashion and ask your friend to call you right back; say within 5 minutes; and to not call you back within 5 minutes IF it does not work; providing that person is updated with what you are about to do on the phone; then do it. If they call you right back within 5 minutes; then you will know YES! I have arrived! I have freedom! OK? If not, then you know it could not be done. Right? If it doesn't work, you haven't lost much. It didn't cost you anything, that is. So make sure your little message to your friend, is nothing personal.just a general; HI .(name goes here).this is(your name goes here).call me back in 5 minutes, ok? You are doing a test on your phone and cannot do it without.(name). Thanks and I'll call you right back. Bye. It's really that easy. ok? I hope this helped you out. May GOD richly Bless you in your lifetime Journey. Amen?
Q:can you use at&t sim card and service with a t-mobile phone?
No you cannot, you may be able too but att cannot gaurentee that the phone will work properly, because the phone is not designed to run on the att network,
Q:Mobile Phone versus Land Line?
Expense and call quality. Mobile phones never sound as good as landlines. Generally landlines include unlimited local calling. You only pay extra for long distance. Landlines also connect to the correct 9/11 dispatch center, and it shows your address. Mobile phones usually have their 911 calls routed somewhere else first. Where I live, all the mobile phone 911 calls go to the California Highway Patrol. After you tell them the story, they'll transfer your call to the proper place.
Q:Mobile dorms charge up to 100%, always show 99%?
Battery problems, due to a number of long-term charge and discharge lead to instability caused by battery voltage.
Q:Unlocked mobile phones?
yes, typically. unlocked phones can be used with pretty much any sim card as long as it works with the GSM. locked phones only work for one carrier. i.e verizon, sprint, etc. example, a sidekick might cost $50 with a 2 year plan yet it would cost probably around $150-200 to buy it unlocked.
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